Thursday Hodge Podge

Happy Thursday!  Thank you to everyone that linked up yesterday with Heather and I for our recipe club!  You guys rock and shared some amazing recipes.  I can't wait to try some of them very soon =)
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I have a complete hodge podge of stuff today.  Last week Alyx was diagnosed with hand/foot/mouth disease.  When I brought her to the pediatrician I asked if she could pass it along to adults, and he said, she could but it's pretty rare.  Well, Sunday afternoon at work I started to get a sore throat and by the time I left work at 8pm I literally thought I was dying.  I got home put the girls directly to bed and went to bed myself.  Unfortunately I woke up Monday feeling even worse and then a fever set in.  By Tuesday morning I started noticing red spots all over my hands, and then on my feet and then on my face.  Off to walk in care I went for them to confirm that I as well had Hand Foot & Mouth.  They put me out of work for the remainder of the week since it's highly contagious.  The girls have been great helping around the house.  Walking has been pretty unbearable.  I can't even imagine how Alyx felt when she had this.  Hopefully it passes soon and nobody else gets it. 
So last week when we went out of town for a night, I took some pictures of Emma at the ocean in the morning.  It was completely fogged over but I did get a couple of cute pictures of her.
I could live by the ocean and be very content. 

We bought a couple of bird feeders for our front porch this summer, and we have become very popular with some pretty amazing birds.  It's one of Alyx's favorite things to do in the morning to go out and see "her birds"
We love our Maine Chickadees =)
We brought the girls to the lake on Tuesday morning, but I didn't get many pictures because 1: I wasn't feeling well at all and 2: That's when I noticed all the spots on me.  Or I should say Brian noticed them.  So we didn't stay too long, but Alyx LOVED playing in the lake.  She was filthy when we left because she decided to play in the mud there as well.

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!  See you back here tomorrow =)
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