Friday Favorites

Happy Happy Friday!!!  Every other weekend I work, and this is my weekend to work.  But we still have a fun weekend ahead of us!  Today I am linking up with Narci, Andrea and Erika for, Friday Favorites =)

Tonight Brian and Emma are off to the Father/Daughter Valentine's Day Dance  They always have so much fun, and Emma has been talking about it for weeks now.  

Last year Brian wasn't able to go because he had to work, but his dad was able to take Emma.  She had fun but she's awfully glad Brian gets to go this year =)

My trips to Ulta are always very entertaining when this one is tagging along...

Decisions Decisions!  So many lip glosses.  She *finally* decided on which color to chose after touching each and every one of them.  =)

Cucumber melon was the final choice!!

I just have to say....

YES!  53 days until opening day for the Red Sox!! =)

My highlight of the week was watching Emma sing at her talent show =)

She makes me proud just how brave she is.  But there are times when she is super super shy and quiet.  There is no way I would have sang in front of the amount of people she did.  And she did such a good job =)

A couple of weeks ago I posted about my new Plum Planner that I bought.  Now that I am a couple of weeks into using it, I wanted to say that I am still loving it!!!

If you missed my original post on this planner, you can find it HERE.  I highly recommend this planner to anyone who likes a paper planner =)

I hope you everyone has a great weekend and also..

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