Thoughts for Thursday

Hi!  And Happy Thursday!  Have you ever had one of those weeks that you wake up and you just want it to be Friday and it's only Thursday?  That's my week!  Some weeks just seem so long, and this seems to be one of them.  But we are almost to Friday!!  

Today I am linking up with Annie and Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday =)

I'm sooo excited for Emma today!  After school this afternoon she is starting piano lessons =)  She has been asking to start for a long time now, and we finally found someone who is an assistant in the music department at her school.  And bonus, after she leaves class at the end of the day she goes right to the music room and has her lesson.  So there is no carting her somewhere in the evening miles away.  This works perfectly =)  I would LOVE to be a fly on the wall at her first lesson =)
Tomorrow is her schools Talent Show, and Emma is singing  This girl has NO fear getting up in front of large crowds and singing.  I would be TERRIFIED! Ha!  I can't wait to hear her =)

So Tuesday was Groundhog day!

And the little thing predicted an early spring!!!  We can only hope that this is true =)
We took advantage of groundhog day and our 53 degree weather by getting outside for a bit in the afternoon.

Alyx is not a fan of the snow in the least bit.  She actually really really dislikes it.  They take the kids out at daycare and our daycare lady tells us that Alyx stands in one spot where there is no snow while the other kids play! haha  She really doesn't like it for sure ;)

Saturday we head are heading out in the morning for a little overnight get away with my side of the family.  It's kind of like a little family reunion, and i'm really excited for it!  The kids will have fun with their cousins too =)

I am also linking up today with Michelle, she blogs over at Grammie Time.  This is her first linkup today that she is calling, Party at my Place.  Be sure to linkup with her today, and thank you Michelle for hosting!!

I hope you all have a great Thursday!!


  1. Hey, that is so sweet of you to mention Michelle's link party! I'm friends with her as well and say your post on 2 parties this morning and decided to pay you a visit. I can remember taking piano lessons as a child. It was fun, but my first teacher retired after I took lessons for one year and I couldn't find a decent person afterwards. I took lessons under two other people, but it wasn't the same. Best wishes to your Emma with her lessons and the performance. Visiting from Party at my place and Thoughs for Thursday! :) ~Lowanda of Sunshine and Elephants

    1. Hi Lowanda! Thank you so much for stopping by!!=)

  2. How fun that Emma is starting piano lessons!!!! I was just telling my friend, who is selling her piano, how I wish I could buy it and start the girls on those. Let us know how the first lesson goes. :)

  3. I woke up in a total fog this morning...couldn't remember what day it was and where I was supposed to be!! Hope Emma LOVES piano!!

  4. So Excited for Emma and piano lessons!! I used to play piano and am SO mad at myself for quitting!! It is such a wonderful skill and talent!! And YAY for an earlier (hopefully) Spring!! I am READY! :)

  5. Swinging over from Party at My Place! What fun for Emma! So much music, I love that. And your sweet girl and the snow. That absolutely cracks me up :) Tuesday was a really nice day where we live too! A good Groundhog day ;)

    Katie @ Cup of Tea

  6. Yay for piano lessons! I hope Emma loves them!
    I'm with Alyx. No thank you to snow. And, how funny that she just stands in one snow-less spot?! Hahaha!

  7. My girls all took piano lessons. One went all the way through high school and even today she remembers much from her lessons. Thanks for posting my button on your post today and for sharing with us at my first party. Love having you. I'd give you an extra piece of cake if we were together to take home. LOL!