Thoughts for Thursday

Good Morning!  And Happy Thursday!  We are so close to Friday =)  I'm off this weekend too, which a plus!  Today I'm linking up with Annie & Natalie for Thoughts for Thursday =)

Tuesday we made a trip to SAMs Club, and this little girl was a hoot there!

She had to "Walk" through the store.  And normally I don't let her, but Brian was with me so he was able to run after to her too.  She was actually really really good, and had everyone in the store laughing =)

Basketball is almost done.  Emma has her last regular game this weekend and then they are doing Tournaments only.   I'm sad to see basketball coming to an end.

And these girls have the most awesome coaches ever!  They have taught them so much!!

I came back from basketball practice on Tuesday and Brian had dinner all made for us.

Fish Tacos!  So So Good!

And the other night before the girls went to bed, they were making snow angels on the living room floor...

Well, Alyx was making "Snow Princesses"!  She was too funny!  She and Emma were laughing so hard =) 

I hope you all have a great Thursday!  See you tomorrow for Friday Favorites!!!


  1. I bet Alyx was a riot in Sam's and thinking she was such a big girl being able to walk up and down the aisles, haha! Love it! I really like that quote they have up on the walk of Emma's gym! I will have to remember fish tacos as an option with all the fish Joe has been bringing home from ice fishing. Have a great Thursday, Johannah!

  2. Ha - love the snow angels!! What cute girls!!