Oh Monday.  You are here again.  But I'm not too worried because it's my day off =) 
This morning started off the only way a morning should....
And with my favorite Holiday creamer!!  It was like Christmas in a cup =) 
We honestly had a pretty low key weekend.  Emma wasn't feeling 100% this weekend, and Alyx has a snotty nose so we basically just hung around the house most all weekend. 
I did get our Christmas cards ordered!!  Woohoo!!
I don't plan on showing our card just yet, you know some of you may be receiving one ;) 
As soon as I ordered them at 30% off, the company I ordered from started advertising for 50% of Christmas cards.  This was literally 1 minute after I ordered.
I chatted online with them, and they made the adjustment to my order =) 
I really like them this year =) 
Emma and I watched a couple of Christmas movies on Hallmark this weekend.  I love that I can put any of their movies on and not have to worry if the content is appropriate for Emma.  We love to watch them together =) 
For dinner last night I made a super quick and easy chicken stew.
I also made some homemade dumplings to go with it.  My mom used to make these dumplings when I was growing up and they are soo soo good!
I may post the recipe this week =)
That's all I have for today, but hope you all had a great weekend and of course a fab Monday!!!