Weekend Recap

Phewww...what a long weekend we had!!  I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving with your family.  We had a really great Thanksgiving this year.  We enjoyed it at camp with family and a couple of our friends.  And guess who forgot to bring their camera??  Yeah, this girl.  =(  So unfortunately no Thanksgiving pictures today.  My inlaws did take some pics, so I'll have to steal theirs! ha!

We seriously got so much accomplished while the hubby and I were on days off.  Friday, Black Friday, we headed to Lowes to pick something up.  We decided to check out the Christmas trees while we were there, and ended up finding an awesome deal on an artificial pre-lit tree.  We've pretty much always had a fake tree.  I do love real ones, but they are a lot of work ;)

These two love each other so much!!  I was pretty worried about the white lights on the tree at first.  We have *always* had colored lights on our tree.  But once it was up and decorated I found that I really really like them!!

Our Elf, Patch, showed up last week.  He came early and just "observed" from our Mantle.  And then the day after Thanksgiving is when he started in on all his fun stuff =)

Day 1: Patch hid in the mailbox with a new movie "NorthPole"
Day 2: Patch Bungee jumped from our tree =)
Day 3: Patch thought it would be fun to zip line from the tree to our mantle where a small box of chocolates was waiting for Emma
Day 4: Silly Patch drew Minions on our bananas!

Emma gets the biggest kick out of getting up in the morning to see what Patch has been been up to =)

The other night Emma stayed at camp with her cousins and Alyx decided to "chill out" in our room to watch a movie...

She's so spoiled...diva life right here!!  

While she relaxed, so did I...

Christmas movie, and wine...what could be better?!?

We always put candy canes on our Christmas Tree, and we did this year as well.  But we no longer have them on our tree...

Alyx thought she needed every.single.one off the tree.  She doesn't like them, but I think she thought they all tasted different, and she wanted to "try it" as she said! haha =)

I finally finally made homemade chex mix this weekend!  It's so simple to make, but I only make it around the Holidays.  My family gobbles this stuff down like it's going out of style.

I'll post the recipe I use this week.

Yesterday we put our outside lights up!  Every year we do it a little differently.  Last year we did all colored lights outside, and this year we did all white lights.  

Brian just *loves* doing this each year!  

Finished!  Well, kind of.  We still have the garage to outline, and there is a small shrub on the left side of the house that I want to put lights on.  I could keep adding and adding if Brian would let me ;)

That's all today...I hope you guys have a fabulous Monday!!!


  1. Don't you just love having the Christmas tree up this time of year? My favorite is in the evening when all the other lights are off and the tree lights are on while were snuggled up on the couch. We have always done white lights. Your tree looks fabulous! Does Brian really love putting up the Christmas lights?! You usually hear the opposite! That's great!!! Tell him to come rub some of that excitement off on Joe, ha ha!

    1. I do love this time of the year! And last night when we were in the living room it was sooo cozy feeling =)
      Brian actually doesn't mind putting them up. He did well doing them until he jammed his hand in the ladder, and his hand instantly swelled up...he said it was still sore today, but he seemed to be ok!

  2. I made homemade chex mix too - which is why I am detoxing today!! Your tree is beautiful!!

  3. Your tree is gorgeous, your girls are precious, your house looks awesome and that chex mix looks AMAZING! My mom makes homemade chex mix every year and it is seriously like a drug for me. SO.YUMMY. So glad you had a Happy Thanksgiving!! :)

    1. Thank you so much Justine!!! And yes, Chex mix is horribly addicting!!! =)

  4. What a great little holiday weekend your family had!
    I love that your elf came a little early to just observe. We may have to try that next year!
    Can't wait for your Chex recipe! Marcus and I love that stuff!