Wednesday =)

Happy Middle of the week!  

Can I just say real quick how hot it is here!!  Trust me, that's not me complaining at all, because I honestly really do like the heat!  Last night around 6:30ish we went to the grocery store and it was 93 degrees.

Crazzzy!  I'm soaking up every ounce of this weather because I know what's around the corner.  That horrible horrible "S" word.  hehe =)

Yesterday was a great day.  Brian had to work days, so the girls and I headed to my parents house.  They're about an hour away from us, so it's not such a bad drive. 
Alyx was hysterical on our way first to see Brian before we left....

Upside down pacifer.  Upside down sunglasses.  This kid is crazyyy! =)

And we switched vehicles with Brian after visiting him =)

As soon as we got to my parents, in the pool we went!  Emma and I swam all afternoon, and then we headed to the local pool in my parents town.  We met up with my cousin and her 2 kiddos, and the kids had a blast.  Emma loves it there because they have 2 big slides, diving board, and all kinds of fountain type things =)  

Alyx was hot.  And she doesn't like the heat so she stayed home with my parents.

She played with a mini set of drums.  

This picture just makes me laugh!  The look on her face is just totally Alyx. 

We headed home right around 4:30, and we really had a great day.  Once fall/winter is here i'm going to miss these days.  Such a great summer we have had so far!!

Have a great day!!!


  1. All day in the pool? Can't beat that! It will be interesting to see if Alyx likes winter more than summer. :)

  2. Sounds like such a perfect summer day! We are heading to the pool tomorrow to celebrate the girls' birthdays with friends. Can't wait! Love that face Alyx is making in the last picture, haha!