Happy Monday!

It's Monday!  One more week of summer vacation for Miss Emma and then it's back to school and back to a normal routine!

Lots and lots of coffee will be consumed today, that's for sure!

It was a crazy weekend.  Brian and I were both suppose to be off all weekend.  Like Friday, Saturday & Sunday.  Unfortunately I was forced into an overtime shift Saturday night, and Brian ended up having to work last night.  Kind of put a damper on our plans for the weekend.  But that sort of thing happens with both of our jobs.  

So let's back up to Friday.  Friday we had dinner at my inlaws with both of Brians brothers and their families.  The kids had a lot of fun playing =)  We headed home shortly after 7, and I got to making another batch of bread & butter pickles.  A friend of my moms graciously gave me a huge bag of pickling cukes =)

I had 8 quarts of sliced cucumbers, and I managed to get 10 jars of pickles.  Since I processed these after, I may save these for gifts for people =)

Saturday morning we were up early because we lost power around 3:30am, and when the power went out there was kind of a loud bang and it woke Alyx up.  She ended up falling back asleep around 6:00 and then I woke her up at 7:00 to go yard saling!  Terrible mother I am =)  
I was able to score an american girl doll for Alyx, for $30.00!  It's used, but gently used and it came from someone we know, so it was taken care of.  Alyx loves it!  They actually had 4 of them they were selling, but we figured we would let someone else get a good deal too =)  
So as soon as we got home, the girls played dolls =)  

Sunday morning we got up and headed out to do school shopping for Emma.  We decided to do the outlets about 2 hours from home.  We got some really good deals!

We started off at LL Bean.  Emma needed to pick out a new lunch box and water bottle for school.   And then we hit up the rest of the outlet stores. We did get some pretty great deals.  We had lunch at a really great restaurant in downtown Freeport.  I had an amazing lobster grilled cheese.

The potato chips were homemade too.  Definately would get this again!

We left Alyx with my mom for the day so it was nice to spend a day with just Emma with no distractions.  When we got home Emma thanked us over and over again and kept telling us how she had such a great day =)

Love this little girl!!

I hope you all have a great Monday!!


  1. Your girls day with Emma looks and sounds like it was such a good time! I remember so many shopping trips with my mom. They were the best.
    Holy moly, that lobster grilled cheese just looks and sounds amazing.
    And, how sweet of Emma to tell you several times what a great day she had.

  2. I am still so excited for you on the sweet American Girl doll finds!!!