Thoughts For Thursday

Good Morning friends!  I'm linking up again this week with Annie & Natalie with 
Thoughts for Thursday =)

Can I just say how I sooo wish Emma's school wore school uniforms.  We've been finishing up school shopping for her, and it's been stressful.  She has her own opinions now on what she likes and what she doesn't like.  It would be much easier if we just had to purchase uniforms =)  She has got some really cute clothes this year though!  

So I mentioned yesterday that I was going to try the wonton taco cups for dinner last night.  Well I did.  And they were a HUGE hit!!  Both my hubby and Emma absolutely loved them.  I put shredded lettuce, tomato, onions, black olives and sour cream out to add to them.  They were easy and I highly recommend them =)  I forgot to take a picture of them, but here is the recipe again if you are interested in trying them =)

We had to run to the grocery store yesterday to grab a few things, and one of the girls wasn't having it...can you guess which one??

She was over it.  Tired and ready for a nap.  We made it through the store without a huge meltdown which was good!!

We stopped at the mall yesterday to find a pair of sneakers for Emma for school.  While we were there I found a nightgown for Alyx that I could not pass up!!

Isn't it adorable!  The shawl part comes right off, and she loves it.  Disney princess in the making ;)

Yesterday was National Dog Day.

We have a pretty amazing dog =)  He's a rescue from North Carolina.  He only has a 1/2 tail, because they think another dog got into a fight with him and broke it off =(  They call him a Carolina Brown dog, only because we're not really sure what he is.  We got him when they believe he was about 7 months old.  But whatever he is, he's the most gentle amazing dog we could have ever asked for!! <3

This morning Emma and I made waffles together.  She loves to cook!  


Such a good cook! 

I hope you all have a fantastic Thursday!!  =)


  1. I SO wish my daughter's school had uniforms too! Happy Thursday!

  2. I was always so thankful I never went to a school with uniforms, but I'm positive my mom wished we had!

    It's so great how much Emma likes to bake/cook!

  3. I absolutely love that smile Alyx is giving in her new nightgown! :)

    Isn't it the worst shopping when you have cranky kids?!

    And fun to hear the story about your dog.

  4. Some I wish our school did uniforms...if for nom other reason but to not have to get outfits ready everyday. 😛
    Happy Thursday, my dear!