Welcome March!

It's March!!  March brings a super busy month for us.  It's a huge birthday month for our family.  My brother in law, My aunt, my uncle, 2 cousins, my niece, my nephew, Brian and Me all have Birthdays this month!  And we're still planning and getting ready for Disney next month.   46 days and counting!  =)

We had a pretty good weekend overall.  It was our weekend to work, and those weekends we just make the best out of it.  Emma came home from school Friday and told us she was chosen as Student of the Month! =)

Very proud of her!  So Sweet Frog was in order to celebrate =)


Alys likes Sweet Frog too =)  Who doesn't though?!?

The girls spent the night at my inlaws Friday night and they LOVE to color at the little table in the living room.  Alyx thinks shes a big girl sitting up there =)

Saturday was cold. cold.  cold.

March is here now, so i'm hoping and praying some better weather comes!

Sunday my mom came down and spent the day with the girls.  Emma is able to change her earrings out now, so my mom brought her to get some new ones!  

Spoiled much?!?  I was thinking you know, Claires or something.  Not earrings from Zales.  lol

Back to school this morning for Miss Emma.  I made the girls pancakes for breakfast, and for Brian too when he got home from work!

Alyx loves pancakes! 

And i've started a Photo Challenge on Instagram...if you don't follow me, well you should!  

And you should play along with the photo challenge too =)

This afternoon I head to the chiropractor.  I've never in my life been to one and i'm a bit nervous/scared.  Since getting on a couple of meds for my back it's definitely better, but not 100%.  So I am hoping the chiropractor can help it a little more.  Wish me luck!!

Happy Monday Friends!!!


  1. You guys do have a lot of birthdays in March!!! And Disney?!?! YAY!!!!! Love those earrings your mom got Emma... SO nice!

  2. Your March sounds a lot like our September!
    Way to go Emma! And those earrings sure are pretty. :)

  3. I LOVE Emma's earrings! What a special keepsake! As I read your post I have a heating pad on my shoulders/neck, I've doing something and it hurts!!! Maybe your Dr. popped you up enough for me!! :)

  4. April is our crazy birthday month! :oP
    But I'm so excited for march and spring. I am kind of over winter this year. And it hasn't even been as bad as ones in the past...maybe it having Hannah in school and all the sickies and everything...I'm just over it this year.

  5. Congrats, Emma! I'm a big believer in chiropractics, so I hope your experience is great!

  6. That's awesome for Emma! And what a great mommy to take them for ice cream! :)

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