Friday Favorites

It's that time of the week again!  Linking up again this Friday with Narci, Erika & Andrea, for Friday Favorites =)

Have I mentioned it's Friday??  Why yes, yes it is!

I love this true!!

Sooo very true! hahaha =)

Brian took me out to dinner last night...our favorite resturant!

Love me some sushi!

Emma dressed herself yesterday for school.  I think she did a great job!!

She looked pretty cute I think =)

In 42 days I will be sitting here.

After the winter we've had...we so need this!

Sometimes when i'm taking a selfie' I feel like this.

Totally cracks me up!!

And Finally...

Have a good weekend Friends!!


  1. You are silly! Have a great weekend!!! I hope you have some warmer temps and no precip!

    1. I went ahead and added my link to the link up!!

  2. Stopping by from the linkup!
    Number 5 made me laugh!!!
    So jealous of your upcoming vacation. I need warmer weather STAT!
    Emma did look really cute!
    Enjoy your weekend!

  3. Sweats on, hair up,... Yep I agree with that one! :)

  4. Sweats on, hair up, bra off - my favorite life motto! :)
    Emma did an awesome job dressing herself!
    And, that selfie pic totally describes me most times I'm taking a selfie (which is usually why I insist Marcus take pictures with me)!