Friday Favorites

Linking up again today for Friday Favorites.  Definitely my favorite link up!

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It's the 1st day of Spring!!  Now maybe, just maybe we will start to see some spring weather around here! HA! =)

Thursday night Kids Night at a local restaurant.  Usually they do some really fun craft...last night they just painted a paper plate.  ??  Not sure the point, but Emma had fun anyway.  Plus there was a guy doing balloon animals.  She asked for a cat with a tail!

Since Emma is so obsessed with Harry Potter lately, last night we decided to try a homemade version of "Butterbeer"

And it was oohhh soo good!  Even Alyx enjoyed licking the spatula!

If you want the recipe you can go to:

This one is a tough one, because all though I'm a tad bit upset about it, I think it worked out in the end.  Since we are going to be at Disney for well over a week, we have to stay at a hotel a few days before we are able to check in at our condo.  Well, the day that I made the reservations for our character breakfast at the Tusker House just so happens to be the same day we move from the hotel to the condo.  Insert sad face here =(.  There just wouldn't be enough time for us that day since the restaurant is at a Disney park and all.  Soooo, I cancelled those reservations and made reservations at....

=)  We're going to the Grand Floridian for the Supercalifragilistic Breakfast!  I'm pretty sure Emma will love it.  =)  And Alyx too, of course!

It's Friday!!  And it also means its my weekend off!!! 

HA!  Love this ecard!!

Happy Friday and Weekend all!!
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  1. I had an awful day today, but seeing Alyx loving that butter beer at least brought a smile to my face!!! Have a great weekend!! Do a post about your timeshare!!!

  2. I have to admit I don't follow along with Harry Potter, but this butterbeer has me very intrigued!
    Your Disney trip is going to be epic!!