Weekend Recap

Ohhh weekend, where did you go?  Here we are Monday morning.  Weekends go by way way too fast.  We had a great one though!  

Saturday morning Emma and I made our Disney countdown.  I've been meaning to do this for *weeks* now, but we just never got around to it.  We will definately be keeping this forever now to use for our Disney trip countdown!

Emma made one for my parents to keep at their house too =)

Alyx is in love with our dog.  Constantly hugging him, poking him, tugging on him.  Basically just annoying him.  And he just goes with the flow and lets her do it.

He is just the most easy going dog ever.  As you can see! ha!

And, I have to talk about Alyx's outfit.  I'm in love.  I really really need to find this exact outfit in a larger size because it's not going to fit forever.

I bought it used off a Matilda Jane board on Facebook.  From the dress to the leggings to the shoes.  I love it!  Emma said she would actually love to have this same dress, but I have yet been able to find her size.

Saturday afternoon we headed to my parents for the day/night.  We celebrated my aunts birthday and then went out to dinner.  Alyx was exhausted Saturday night and it took nothing for her to fall asleep.  She ended up sleeping for 13 hours! 

Sunday we headed home fairly early because Emma had softball that afternoon.

I was taking a picture of Emma with our countdown and Alyx came walking into the picture with her banana.  She had to smile too!  And, can I just tell you how much Alyx hates to have her bananas cut up for her now?  She has to be a big girl and eat them like Emma.  Ohh she's a feisty one!

Emma had crazy static hair!

Hanging out with the other Emma before Softball.  I was really looking forward to watching Emma play softball.  However that was short lived, because Brian is helping to coach, and Alyx had a fit because she wanted "Daddy".  So she began to cry and scream for him while he was trying to coach, so needless to say we had to leave =(  Next week I may find a sitter for an hour or two so I can go watch! haha

We ended the afternoon with a trip to SweetFrog with the girls.  

They are too cute.  And such great friends!!

Happy Monday Friends!!


  1. I love the Disney countdown... fun idea!

    Your dog is awesome!!! Love how easy-going he is with Alyx! And, oh man can we relate to the way Alyx wants to eat her banana. Leland had a total meltdown the other day when I took the peel all the way off his. It was ridiculous. I can't keep up with the way he prefers to eat things. ;)

  2. Yay for you really fun weekend! /i love the dress too! want to find E one!

  3. What a great dog!! Our dog is very similar. I am always amazed at the "love" and attention he takes from Marcus.
    And that countdown to Disney is awesome!!