Mini Fashion Show =)

Last week after reading a post from Shawna over at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun! , I decided to order some clothes for Emma from Naartjie!  I wasn't sure on sizing, and thank you to Shawna she helped me with that!! =)  My order came in today and I asked Emma to try everything on and I of course took a few pictures! =)

Check out the pose! haha  This was by far my favorite outfit that I got so far!!!  I love it!  I ordered a size 6 top and 6 pants, and they fit perfect, with room to grow!  I had to roll the sleeves up by other than that, perfect =)
So I have always had a hard time with what kind of shoes to pair an outfit like the one in the picture above.  This time of the year she can wear sandles or flip flops but when it gets colder out, what type of shoes do you all suggest to go with it? 
Here is the second outfit!
And this is the second outfit I got from Naartjie =)  I love it, but the top is a bit bigger than I thought it would be.  I ordered a size 6 capris and a 6 top, and i'm thinking that I could have gone with a size 5 top.  It's a little longer than I would like, but there is room to grow! =) 
So those are my purchases from Naartjie!  I will most definately be buying from them again!  Their stuff is so nice =) 
Emma and I went to the mall this morning, and the Gap was having a pretty big sale.  So I ended up buying her 2 new pairs of Jeans, They were buy one get one 50% off. 
I love boot cute jeans on her! =)  And the top is from Carters!  Cute outfit, I think =) 
I keep saying this, but she is now done for school shopping! haha  I just sometimes can't help myself when I see something cute =) 

Hope everyone enjoys their day!!! =)