Friday {Phone Pictures}

It's Friday!!!  And it's actually my Friday at work as well.  I have the weekend off with the hubby and Emma =)  We've had a busy week here.  School starts up in just about a month here.  On Tuesday we took Emma school shopping.  We decided to hit up the outlet malls in southern Maine.  Freeport and Portland.  Freeport is about an hour and half from us, and then Porland is about 30 mins south of Freeport.  I pcaked Emma up so she wouldn't be bored in the car.  DVD player, Her DSi, pillowpet, and blanket.  Well, I guess Emma decided she was just going to be in a cranky mood all day.  Oh my word.  She is now at the age where she likes to pick out her own clothes.  And sometimes our opinions don't always match up!  haha  But we still had a good time.  And I got some super good deals at Carters & Osh Kosh! =)  We also hit up LL Bean while we were there for a new backpack.  She picked out a cute pink polka dot backpack with her name on it =) 

You have to excuse my poor poor cellphone picture quality.  These photos are horrible, but I forgot my camera that day.

We had lunch at the Cracker Barrel!  We so love that place, and it was really yummy! =)

Emma and I went out for a walk the other night, and she wanted to drive her car.  I thought for sure the battery was going to die, but it didn't!  She made it! 

 Don't you love our tree in our front yard that is being pulled up by string!  lol  It was starting to get top heavy, so we had to do something to it so that it wouldn't fall over! haha

I have to work today =(  And it's super beautiful out. 

 90 degrees out.  It seems like I always have to work on these beautiful days.  

So i've been addicted to making my own iced coffee lately!  And it's pretty darn good!  A days isn't complete without one =)

I've been buying the brew over ice Keurig k-cups and adding a flavored creamer.  Super good!!

I've also been obsessed with painting my nails this summer!!  Although I have been choosing the same colors over and over.  Today I decided to change it up a tad. 

Purple polish, with sparkles!  lol  I know, probably something my 5 year old would wear, but definitely something different for me! =)  

So that's it for today.  I wish I had some better photos to share, but i've been slacking lately at bringing my camera along with me.  We have a fun weekend ahead of us, and I will definitely be taking lots of photos! =)


  1. Enjoy your weekend off.
    I need to take kaylee school shopping school for her starts August 27th.

    Thank you for your sweet comment on my belly bump:).

  2. Um, I have purple toenails! I love them!!! I also love the big boot at the L.L. Bean store! I hope you have a great weekend with the family! It is my last weekend before starting back to work. :(

  3. I am so jealous of the weather! Its been well over 100 everyday this week! 90 degrees would feel like spring time! I really like the purple!

  4. You finally got to eat at the Cracker Barell!!