Back to School Clothes!

I have nothing really to blog about, so i've decided that i'm going to be a copy-cat!  A couple of people have done posts on Back to School Clothes, and now i'm going to as well!  I finally got Emma's school shopping all done.  Except for a few supplies she will need.  This year was a little tough shopping for her.  She has her own opinions now on clothing, and sometimes our opinions aren't always the same.  But we found some super cute clothes and some awesome deals!

First Stop was Carters!

Long Sleeve TopThree-Quarter Sleeve Flannel Tunic
Layered-Look Graphic Tee

Sweater Knit Cardigan Set

I love all these tops we found!  Especially the last one with the long sleeve top with the short sleeve sweater! 

Our next stop was OshKosh!

Long Sleeve Graphic TopLong Sleeve Graphic Top
Long Sleeve Graphic Top 

These 3 shirts from OshKosh were buy 1 get 2 free!!  Awesome deal there!  

 Our next stop was the Nike outlet, however I cannot find a photo of the shoes we bought her.  But, she scored a new pair of Nike Shox.  Brian is big into getting just the perfect sneakers for her!  

Next stop, LL Bean.

Original Junior Book Pack, Print 

This is Emma's new backpack!  I love it!  We had her name monogrammed on it in purple! =) 

Next up is Old Navy!



Next, Kohls! 

Levi's Claudia Star Flare Jeans - Girls' 4-6x 

I can't remember all we got at Kohls, but we got some more items.  I'm having a SUPER hard time finding jeans this year that fit Emma.  She is still fitting into a 5t, but they are kinda short on her.  But a size 5 in girls is wayyyyy too long.  So I found these Levi's for her in a size 5 at Kohls that were a perfect fit!  I'm liking the skinny jeans this year, but there is something about a little girl in a pair of boot cut jeans that I LOVE!!

Next, the Gap!

And this is all I can remember what we got from the Gap! haha  
 We got a few more things for her from other places, but this pretty much sums it up!  Now that i'm thinking about it I still need to get Emma a pair of flats of some sort as well.  Any suggestions?  =)
Hope everyone has a good night!!!


  1. Looks like good comfy stuff!! I love Carters and I'm glad they have cute stuff as kids get older!

  2. Love it!

    I ended up ordering Raya that yellow and gray old navy dress too :-) I'm holding out on the colored jeans hoping for a sale later, but I definitely want some! I also had Raya try on that pink and navy striped old navy sweater...the XS in big girl sizes fit her pretty decent and I'm so tempted to buy it--jealous that Emma got it!

    Love the g ap sweatshirt too. I've been eyeing some on ebay that have fur trimmed hoods lol.

    Tell emma she needs to do a fashion show for us trying on her new clothes! :-)

    1. Oh she would love a fashion show! Good idea! =) And I also love the pink and navy striped sweater, I thought it was super cute!!!!

  3. Cute stuff! Em is starting Preschool and I haven't even started shopping!! I need to get on the ball! I hope that Osh Kosh sale is still going on!