Another great weekend is in the books!  We spent yesterday at my parents house and tonight we had a lobster feed at my in laws house =)

We started the morning off by sleeping in wayyyy late!  All 3 of us woke up at 10:30 this morning!  That might be due to the fact that we were all up pretty late last night.  Emma has always been one to sleep really late.  I honestly feel bad for anyone out there who's little ones wake up super duper early.  I don't know how you do it.  Anyway, after we woke up Brian mowed the lawn while Emma and I showered and got dressed.  Then we headed to his parents house and had subway for lunch.  I'm slightly addicted to their BLT's on their flatbrad. Never had them?  You must try them! 

Unfortunately Brian had to work today =(  Emma and I headed to Target to get a few things and then came back home and I made an orange salad to bring with us this evening.  Then it was about time to head back to my inlaws house for dinner! =)  We were lucky because Brian was able to come and eat dinner with us! =)

It's so funny because there are no boys at all for grandchildren on my husbands side of the family.  The girls all have so much fun playing together.  They range from 1 year to 9 years old. 

My niece Hannah is such a big helper!  She is so good to all the girls! 

Emma is doing sooooooooo good at handstands!  She can keep them for just a couple of seconds!  She gets better at them everyday! =) 


Emma and my mother in laws dog Max =)

Emma with my niece Lily!

This is Aynslie!  Isn't she just sooo sweet!  There is nothing more entertaining then watching a little girl right after she has learned ot walk!  She is so stinkin' cute!!!!

Here she was laughing, and she's got this deep down belly laugh that is absolutely hysterical!! 

After playing it was time to eat!  Our dinner was sooo good! =)

Emma decided she was brave enough to hold a lobster while it was alive.  This is lobster is only 1 of the 60 lobsters we had!  My father in law and brother in law went down to the coast of Maine early this morning and literally bought the lobsters right off the boat as they were coming in from the ocean.  You cannot get anymore fresh than that!


Steamed clams.  Probably my favorite!


Emma enjoying some chicken, lobster, chips and watermelon!  Perfect summer dinner =)


Emma and Hannah =)


After dinner I wanted to get my husbands grandmother together with all of her great grandchildren.  Do you know how hard it is to get 5 little girls to look at the camera?  After a few shots we got the perfect one!! =)

Perfect photo!  Memere with all her great grandchildren!  My husbands side of the family is french, so they refer to the grandmothers at Memere.  But Emma has always called Brians mother Mimi, and calls her great-grandmother Old Mimi!  It's so cute! =)

It was another great weekend!  Not many left of the summer.  Emma starts school on September 4th.  2 weeks away, and i'll officially be a mother to a 1st grader.  How in the world did that happen.  Time goes by so fast.  But i'm enjoying and loving every single minute of it!  Love my life =)  I hope everyone had a great weekend as well!!!


  1. What a fun evening! All the schools here start tomorrow. Not really a bug deal for me other than the increased traffic:(

  2. Looks fun!

    Raya's first day of preschool is the 4th as well :-)

  3. Sounds like a great weekend. Cute pictures and I love the picture of all the grand kids with great grandma. Kaylee starts preschool August 27th

  4. My Emma is a late sleeper, too! Thank goodness! I wouldn't be able to take it!

    You are killing me with the lobsters, I'm so jealous! They are not so accessible in TX, but I love them! Looks like a great time!

  5. Y'all's Emmas took all the sleep time! My Em is an earlier riser! Maybe that will change over time!! Looks like a great time and the lobster looked delicious!

  6. We all slept super late on Saturday too. It was soooo nice! I love that last photo . . . perfect for a christmas gift for memere!