Memorial Day Weekend 2012

Happy Memorial Day everyone!!  We have had an awesome long weekend!  It started Friday building our patio and it ended this afternoon with a parade.  Yesterday we had a BBQ here at our house with family.  We finally got to break in the patio with some yummy food and drinks!

The girls had so much fun playing together.  We have no boys in our family hardly at all.  There is one boy on my side of the family, but none on my husbands side.  It's so strange.  He came from a family of 3 boys, he has 2 brothers.  And now all his brothers have girls.  So strange huh! 

I surpised Emma yesterday with this dress.  She saw it at Target back a couple of weeks ago and wanted it soooo bad.  She loves the Disney show Austin & Ally, and this is one of the Ally dresses from Target.  She had to put her cowgirl boots on to go with it!  Love it! =)

Emma with the girls!  My poor niece Haley in the very front got sooo many bug bites on her face while they were at camp. 

I didn't take too many photos yesterday at the BBQ.  This morning we headed out to the parade =)

Emma and Lottie get along sooo well.  They just moved here from Germany.  Lottie's dad is in the military.  He left bright & early this morning to go back to Germany and he won't be home until Christmas.  Lottie was so sad this morning.  =(

The picture above is one of my brother in laws driving the firetruck.  My niece and his wife were in the back =)  My other brother in law was suppose to be in the parade as well, but he ended up having to go to a medical call with the ambulance. 

After the parade Lottie was a bit upset about her dad leaving so we wanted to take her mind of things for a bit so we made a stop at the University of Maine farm.  Emma has loved this place since she was about a year old.  She loves going to see the animals.

I hope everyone enjoyed their weekend.  I know that we sure did!  I wish the weekends were longer =)


  1. Love the pictures! I was going to ask where you got that dress, before you explained cute!

  2. I have not been to a parade in ages! Fun!!!