The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique =)

If you ever visit Disney World in Florida, and if you have a have a little girl, then you MUST visit the Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique!  This place was beyond amazing!  I made reservations for it back at the end of January.  Their reservations fill up very quickly.  We started the morning off by getting up around 6:45 in the morning.  We had a 9:00 am appointment at the bibbidi bobbidi boutique at the Downtown Disney location.  We got there a little early and they came outside the store and got us and brought us in.  It's a little girls dream place! 

Emma's "fairy godmother" as they call the stylists was wonderful!  I cannot say enough good things about her.  She was just wonderful with Emma =)

You have your option of 3 different packages.  The coach package which included hair and makeup.  The crown package included hair, makeup and nails.  And then there was the castle package, that included hair, makeup, nails, full costume of your choice and a photo shoot.  We went with the Crown package, hair, makeup and nails!  I had bought her dress before we left for vacation.

My Emma has a lot of hair!  They give you the choice of which hairstyle you want.  Thankfully Emma picked the Cinderella style hair.  I was a little afraid she was going to choose the wacky hair with colored extensions.  haha  I prefer the more classic look, than a rock look.  And I guess Emma does too!

Getting her nails done =) 

She was soooo excited about having this done! 

Pretty nails all done!

Getting dusted with some Pixie dust...aka lots and lots and lots of glitter!  =)

Check out that makeup!  She chose green, I was a little leary about it, but they did it very tastefully and it wasn't way bright green

I have to say that I am in love with this picture of her!  =) 

I loved the back of her hair.  It was soooo cute, loved the rhinestone mickey =)

So while Emma was getting all princessed up, one of the ladies that works there came over to Brian and I and explained how each day they pick a little girl to open the entire World of Disney Store after their princess makeover.  They asked us if Emma would do it!  I was sooo excited, but nervous that Emma would be too nervous to do it.  When we told her what they asked us she was all excited about it! 

Here she is waiting to open the store!!

They made a really big deal out of this for Emma.  They had all the World of Disney store workers come to the front of the store, and they were all clapping.  The stood there in front of the crowd waiting to get in and told them Emma's name and said she was 5 years old and on vacation with her family from Maine =)  They then looked at Emma and said, Now Emma what do you say?  Emma said, "The World of Disney is now Open!"  Then she grabbed the rope and opened the store!  It was perfect!  They gave her a certificate and a special pin for doing it.  I was sooo proud of her! =)

And here Emma is with her fairy godmother!  Love it!  Before we left they gave Emma a goody bag, that had the rest of the makeup in that they used on her, 2 bottles of nailpolish, and some diamond stickers for her face =)

And here is the store she opened!  This was such a great experience for Emma.  She was truly treated like a princess for the entire day, even after leaving there.  We went to the Magic Kingdom after this, and everyone refered to her as a princess.  She loved it!  So if you go or are heading to Disney anytime soon, you must do this with your little girls!  =)


  1. OMG cutest thing I've ever seen. How fun!! She looks like a princess. How fun that she got to open the store

  2. Her hair turned out so cute--she looked like she was just in 7th heaven! :-)

  3. LOVE this!! My almost 4-year-old would just die!

    We have plans to go to Disney World, but all three kids must be potty trained first. Looks like we'll having to wait another 18 months, at least! I'm DEFINITELY looking up this boutique!

    1. This place is absolutely amazing! Just a hint though, if you make reservations make it for the Downtown Disney location. Not the one at the Magic Kingdom. The downtown disney location is much less crowded. The one at the Magic Kingdom was a zoo, and I don't think the girls got quite as much attention as the downtown disney location =) My little one LOVED this! =)