Hey All!  I have had like no time at all lately to blog.  Since we have been back home, and back to work and back to school it's been crazy.  We've been home 5 days now, and guess what?  Our suitcases are still packed.  I've been sooo lazy about getting it done.  I do have tomorrow off, so that's the plan for tomorrow.  Getting everything unpackaed and put back away.  The weather here has been sooo dreary and yucky.  I'm missing the Florida weather terribly.  My parents returned from Florida today.  They stayed a few days longer than we did.  We picked them up at the airport this afternoon, Emma was super happy to see them!  My mother was also really happy to be home.  My poor mom.  On like our 3rd or 4th day in Florida, she missed a step walking down the stairs and sprained her ankle.  Then towards the end of our trip she came down with a sinus infection and double ear infection.  She is one misserable lady right now.  I'm praying she gets better quick!

So i'm going to finish up my vacation photos now!  Prepare yourselves for photo overload!!!

Miss Emma and Daddy riding on the tram to the Magic Kingdom.  It's kind of a process getting into the park!  You park your car in a parking lot, hop on the tram for about a mile or so.  Then you have to jump on either a boat or the monorail and that takes you directly to the park!

I meant to post this photo right before the first one, but oh well!  Welcome to Walt Disney World.  The most magical place on earth!!! =)

We LOVE the Monorail in our family!  I wish the ride was a little bit longer.  It's a lot of fun riding it!

Riding the Tea Cups!  She loves this ride!  =)

Emma with my parents.  As she calls them, her Nana & BeeBee =)

Gettin' a little messy with an mickey ears ice cream bar!  These things are sooo good!

So here is when the photos might get a little confusing!  We did a total of 4 days at the Magic Kingdom.  So if you are looking at photos and we are all wearing different clothes, it's from a different day! haha

Emma is much braver than I am!  She went on this ride, Splash Mountian, twice!  She loved it!  That's her and Brian in the very last row.  You can't even see her at all! haha

This picture is from the day that Emma got really sick, and had a temp of 102.1.  You can tell just by looking in her eyes that she did not feel good.  As soon as we realized that she wasn't feeling well we immediately left Disney and went right back to our hotel.  As soon as we got into the van she fell right asleep.

And there she is fast asleep.  I felt so bad that she wasn't feeling well.  Thankfully the next day she was back to her normal self!

This was at Disneys Hollywood Studios

And she gets a BIG hug from Mickey.  We love Minnie & Mickey.  They make me and Brian feel like a little kid again! haha

She was looking so grown up in this photo!

Okay, so now for 2 things that are MUST try if you go to Disney!!

This is a Dole Whip.  They are so good!  It's pineapple softserve ice cream with pineapple juice.  Very good!

And these are waffle sandwiches.  Brians is the one with the sweet and spicy chicken and argula with it.  Mine was a waffle with nutella spread on it with fresh fruit.  Ahhhmaazing! 

This is my favorite view of the castle.  I love the water and everything about this.  If I could live in Florida I would in a heart beat!  =)

I suppose that is it for tonight.  I do have some beach pictures that I will post tomorrow!  I think I kinda over did the photo thing tonight!  =) 

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  1. Great pics! The one of her with that icecream bar is too cute! Love all her little outfits :-)