Happy Friday!

Happy Friday everyone!!  We had a really good day today!  After I dropped Emma off at school, I came home and did a little blogging and a few things around the house.  Then I headed out shopping with a family member who just moved here last week from Germany!  Her husband is in the military and they just bought a house here in our town.  I'm so happy they are here.  She is from England, so everything is completely new to her being in the United States.  We had such a great time out!  We headed over the airbase to do her grocery shopping on base.  It was sooo strange shopping on a military base.  I'm used to my normal grocery store! haha  Then we headed to the Christmas Tree Shop (no they don't sell christmas trees there, haha )  I totally love this store !  They have some of the coolest things there.  Then we headed to Lowes.  I got some spray paint to paint the railing of our steps out back. 

After that, the hubby and I went and had lunch at Subway.  I can say that i'm slightly addicted to the Flatbread BLT's right now from Subway.  Sooo good.  =)  Then it was time to pick Emma up from school, and then head to our grocery store.  I'm a good wife and cooked Brian supper to bring with him to work.  Marinated pork chops with onions, sauted zuchinni, and I made the Cracker Barrels hasbrown casserole.  It was super good! 

After Brian headed to work, Emma and I went to the gardens at the University.  She wasn't really into having photos taken today, but I did get some!  She was insistant on wearing the same dress she wore last night to her concert.  Sooo of course I let her =)  Here are a couple of photos.

I am slightly in LOVE with this picture!  I'm loving the preset I used to edit it, I hadn't used it before, but now i'll probably be using this preset all the time now! haha

I'm in love with this little girl.  She's the best ever! =)

Our weather decided to take a turn for the...BETTER!!!  Finally!  No more rain!  The weather today was beautiful!  It was in the 70's, sun was shining all day.  It was great.  The rest of this weekend is suppose to be just as nice.  And of course this is my weekend to work, but at least I can enjoy it during the day =)

The flowers are also starting to bloom around here.  Spring flowers make me smile =)

My poor brother in law and sister in law had to have one of their kittens put down today.  I felt sooo bad for my two nieces.  They were both completley heart broken.  They have only had their kitty for a year.  Emma and I headed to the store and got them a nice card and bouquet of flowers and brought it to my nieces.  Emma was so sweet when she was writing out their card.  She has such a big heart. 

I hope everyone enjoys their weekend.  It's going to be beautiful here!!! =)


  1. LOVING those pictures of Emma, beautiful!!

  2. I love that first picture too!!!! Definitely looks pro :-)

  3. Love those pictures! So glad the weather is finally nice for you! I laughed a little when I read you made the Cracker Barrel hash browns since you commented you love it but don't have one close. I found that so crazy because I live in Arkansas and have one right down the street!

    1. You have no idea my love for the Cracker Barrel! haha The closest one to us is in Portland which is a good 3 hours away. So we don't get there very often. However whenever we travel we find one and eat at one almost everyday! =)