It appears as though we will be getting a snow storm!  I'm not complaining, because I feel for all the families and everyone affected by the horrible storms in the Midwest.  Very sad. 

We had a good day today. We picked Emma up from school, and when we got home I had her make her "pop" as she calls him a get well card.  Brians dad had minor surgery yesterday.  And he is doing really well!

We've been playing outside a lot lately in the snow, as you have seen on my last few posts!  Emma has been having a blast!  We haven't done a snowman yet this year though, the snow hasn't been sticky enough for it.  Gunner is doing so well of a leash!  He sticks right by us and listens so well.  He has so much fun playing with Emma in the snow =)

He is getting big!!  Loves playing in the snow.  He's such a good boy and awesome addition to our family!  He will be 7 months old tomorrow! 

Tonight Emma and I went to a couple of stores.  They are having Dr Seuss day at school on Friday to celebrate Dr. Seuss's birthday and they are suppose to wear black & white.  Do you think I could find a black & white shirt for Emma in her closet?  Nope!  So off to the GAP we went.  The second I walked into GAP there was a black & white striped shirt.  SOLD-to me of course =)  And it was on sale which is a plus!  We then went to Old Navy.  At the front of the store at Old Navy they have a few mannaquins.  Emma for some reason loves them.  She decided to pose with them tonight...

Can you tell which one is Emma?!?! =)

We also made brownies tonight.  Or actually, Emma made them.  She's a really good helper!!

I went outside to let the dog in and when I came back in this is what I found....

A handful of chocolate chip! =) 

Tonight Miss Emma and I are watching 101 Dalmations on the Disney Channel.  I love this movie and Emma has never seen it. =)

Tomorrow night i'm back to work for 2 nights, and then I have the weekend off with Brian and Emma! =)  I hope everyone had a great day!

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