Family Day!

The past few days here at our house have been, well eventful to say the least! Wednesday I didn't go to work because I was not feeling well at all.  This is school vacation week for Emma, and I feel really bad for her because she hasn't felt well either.  We really didn't have the opportunity to do anything at all.  Usually we have a lot of snow this time of the year and we could have gone slidding, but there is hardly any snow this year.  (And trust me, i'm not complaining about the lack of snowfall here this year :)  Thursday I was off from work and so was my husband.  We decided that we would have an "Emma" day and let her decide what we would do for the entire day.  So at lunch time she really wanted to go to Chinese for lunch so we did!  This is probably her most favorite food ever!!! =)

After Chinese her next stop was a new book store.  She made out like a bandit there!  The Dr Seuss books were buy 2 get 1 free.  She got 3 of those books, and then I found this movie for her.

I watched it last night with her and it was really good!  It's about a 4th grade girl who overcomes being bullied by a group of 3 girls.  This movie is a must for anyone who has children who are in elementary school. Emma is only in Kindergarten but she completely understood this, and i'm really glad I got it for her.  I *HIGHLY* recommend it!

After the book store we decided to head to my husbands parents camp.  Just for a drive and so we could let our new puppy out and just let him run for a while.  My brother-in-law and my 2 nieces were out there spending the night.  We got out there let the dog run, run run.  And might I add that dog can run!  He had so much fun!  The girls had fun too.  After a while we started to head back into town. Wellll...the road is a dirt road.  There are 2 ways to get there.  I refer to them as the "Short way to camp" And the "Long way to camp"  The short way is usually really bumpy.  So I asked my husband to take the "long way home".  Well, bad decision on my part.  The road was completely glare ice.  I mean, Glare I-C-E.  So as we are going about 10 mph, down a hill, my Jeep slowly begins to turn sideways and there was just nothing we could do...And down into a ditch we went.  When they say Jeeps are made for Off Roading, I think they are wrong.  We couldn't get out.  Do you think we had cellphone service?  Ummm, NOPE!  After a while I was finally able to get some service, got a hold of my brother in law.  Emma was in the backseat crying her little heart out.  I felt sooo bad for her.  None of us were hurt thankfully.  But she was really scared.  We were waiting for my brother in law and 2 guys happened to drive by us who worked for a local big rig trucking company.  They were able to pull us out!!!  I had my camera with me, but I was too mad to get out and take pictures.  I was also worried that my Jeep had damage, but no damage at all!  Thank the lord!!! =) 

Today we just kinda laid low around the house.  Cleaned and played around a little bit.  Tonight was Pizza Night for Emma and I.  My husband had to work.  I let Emma do all the work getting the pizzas ready for us!

I just love her so much!!!  I was going to "edit" out the blue candy marks on her face, but I thought nooo that's her!  She was having fun! 

This is the best pizza ever!!!  Premade pizza crust, Ranch dressing, cheese and chicken! Yuummm-O!

And that's definately a piece of chicken sticking out of her mouth that she stole as she was putting it on the crust! =)

And our finished prodcut!  I decided to do mine buffalo style.  It was really really good.  I'm still on my diet, but I decided to have a "cheat" night =) 

So something that I am really really excited about!  I have a love for photography.  I have since my daughter was born.  I have decided to take an online photography class!!  I'm sooooooo excited about this!!  It's called the Momtog Photo Class.  I found a photographer on facebook called Mesmerizing Moments, I believe she is located in Texas.  Her work is aahhmmazing!!!  It starts March 15th, which can't come fast enough now!  It is suppose to teach moms like me how to take better photos of your child.  If anyone else is interested in it, here is the link! 

Tomorrow I head back to work for the weekend and Monday.  Then i'll have 2 more days off on Tuesday and Wednesday.  Which I am all ready excited for!  Any day that I can be off with my family is a good day.  But i'm also thankful that I have a full time job =)  Hope everyone enjoys their weekend!!! =)

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  1. Sounds like you guys had a great day. Hope you all start feeling better soon. We had pizza tonight too but yours looked awesome!!