Fun in the S-N-O-W!!!

Today we have a really good day!!  My mother in law kept Emma last night since Brian and I were both working.  I picked her up around 11:00, I got to sleep in!! YAY! =)  My mom came down today to visit for a bit.  She lives a little over an hour away so I don't get to see them very much.  We went to lunch at a little sandwich shop in the next town over.  It was sooo yummy!  =)

We came home and went outside to play in the snow we recently got.  In my last post I had mentioned that we didn't have much snow this year.  Well I guess I jinxed myself because right after I posted that I looked outside and it was snowing!  We got about 5 inches or so of snow.  Not nearly the 19 inches that my grandmother got in Northern Maine!  We seriously picked out the best puppy in the world for Emma.  He is soooo good, and loves to be outside and run.  He is really really good off a leash, which i'm thankful for.  I was worried at first because our backyard isn't fenced in, but he stays right with us =)  Here are some photos of Emma and Gunner playing in the snow =)

So that was our afternoon in the snow!  We had lots of fun.  And might I add that i'm pretty darn proud of myself because the scarf that Emma is wearing I knitted!  My very first attempt at knitting =)  I hope everyone enjoys their Sunday.  Tomorrow is back to the normal grind for us, school vacation is over for the kids!  =)

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  1. so much fun. Emma looked like she was having a blast. great pictures and she looks so happy with her new dog.