$10 at Target

Hello Friends =)  Today is the one day a month that I have two posts up!  Make sure to check out my hello Monday post as well =)

Once a month myself and some fellow bloggers link up for our $10 at Target.  Have you ever tried only spending $10 there?!?  It's HARD!!  If you didn't join us this month, grab our graphic and link up with us next month!

My $10 this month actually happened by accident.  I had to run in to Target really quick for a package of socks for Emma.  When I saw the price, I knew this would be for this post.

Here is my haul:

I got Emma 3 packages of 6 socks for $2.98!  Seriously I couldn't believe it!!

And then I went over the clearance area near the health and beauty section and was ecstatic when I found this.

This Essie polish was on clearance for $2.98 as well.  Crazy!  

And lastly.

A charging cord on clearance for $1.58 because I feel like we are always.losing.them.  Always!

So how did I do?  Well I lost my receipt so I couldn't take a picture of it.  But here is the run down

$13.50 before tax!

I know I went over, but honestly such a good deal on everything.  
So, what did you get?  Be sure to link up below!!

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