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Happy Monday Friends!! =)  I hope you will join myself and Heather and link up your Monday post =) 

We had a really great weekend, and some great weather to go along with it =)  I didn't get around to blogging last week just because we have been super busy lately.  Emma has 3 1/2 days of school left.  I still cannot believe she is going to be in Middle School!  Anyway, this past week they had step up day at the Middle School and they also had a 5th grade celebration.  Basically their celebration day was a field day.  They had SO much fun.  I wasn't able to go, but one of her friends moms sent me this picture of the girls on the right.

I can't get over how much they have grown!!  Best friends since Pre-K =)  

They also had a field trip kayaking on the river.  Emma's friend took this picture of her, and I thought it was really cute =)

They had so much fun kayaking all day.

So let's recap this past weekend.  The weather this weekend couldn't have been anymore perfect.  Although I have a great sunburn that came along with it.  We were pretty much at the softball field all day Saturday for playoffs.

The first game started at 10am Saturday.

We played this game against the number one team.  We didn't fair so well.  But it was still a great game to watch.

Later in the day we headed to another field for yet another game!

The girls lining up getting their names called before the game.

Emma pitching to one of her really good friends.  Unfortunately we lost this game as well, so that meant the girls were completely done.  Softball has officially come to a close.  I am going to miss our softball nights =)

Sunday we really didn't do a lot.  We did a ton of cleaning around the house inside and out.  And had dinner with my in-laws.  I have noticed around 5pm lately Alyx becomes a bear.  It's been really horrible.  I think it's from not napping on days she is home (she does nap at daycare) and being outside more and playing harder.  I think she just gets super super over tired.  So Saturday and Sunday evening she was sound asleep really early in the living room.

We ended the night by watching the Red Sox game.
And unfortunately we didn't win.

I hope you all had a great weekend!
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