Slime...Tuesday Talk

Happy Tuesday!

For a while now Emma has been begging to make slime.  Because apparently the stuff you buy at the store isn't cool enough, and every 10 year old needs to make their own ;)  So I finally gave in and let her make it.  

She gave me a shopping list.  Liquid laundry detergent.  3 glue sticks. And a bottle of foam shaving cream. 

She asked me to buy Gain laundry detergent...But I don't normally use that brand and I wasn't going to spend $10 on a bottle of it.  So I got her the $1.99 Purex brand.

Emma went to town cutting up the glue sticks and then mushing them up in her hands.  
She followed the tutorial to a T.

And then a teaspoon of water was added to the glue sticks, and then microwaved for 20 seconds.

She then added blue food coloring.

And of course...the shaving cream.

Both girls were VERY excited for the outcome!  

They stirred.  And stirred.  And stirred some more.  
So was it a Pinterest success or fail???

It was a BIG Fail!  It didn't even harden up at all =(
They were both super bummed!

Emma is certain that it's because I bought cheap laundry detergent :/  I'm not sure.  But overall it was a huge fail.  So if you see this particular "recipe" for slime on Pinterest...don't waste your time...or money! Ha! =)

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