Recipe Club {Unstuffed Cabbage Rolls}

It's the third Wednesday of the month and that means that it is Recipe Club day =)  Join myself and Heather and share a recipe today.  It can be anything at all =)

I'm pretty sure that I have shared this recipe before.  But if I did it was a loo-nnngg time ago.  So why not share it again.  Because let's be honest, this dish is delicious!

I love cabbage rolls, but they are so tedious to make.  This has the same taste, and it's so much easier to make.

First step.  Cook and stir your beef and onion until browned and crumbly.

I always add my onion powder and garlic powder at this point.  After it's done, drain it.

Return back to the stove and add your tomatoes and tomato sauce.

And then add your beef broth.

Chop up the cabbage and add that to the pot as well.

It is going to fill your pot up pretty good, but it cooks down really fast.

When it's done it will look like this.

Cover for about 30 minutes and let it simmer.

I serve ours over white rice.  This particular day I served it with jasmine rice, and it was delish!

Not the prettiest of pictures, but it is really good =)
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Have a great Wednesday!!

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