Girl Mom Swap Reveal

Happy Wednesday Friends!  Back a little over a month ago, Dara who blogs over at Not In Jersey asked a few of us bloggers if we would be interested in co-hosting a Girl Mom Blog Swap.  I was all over this, because I know how much Emma loves looking at all the stuff I get when I do swaps.  So I knew this had Emma written all over it!  

So who was Emma paired with?  She was paired with Dara's daughter, Gabbie!!  I was so excited for Emma and Gabbie both =)  They have even been able to connect with each other on Instagram and learn a little about each other.  That was the fun part of having 2 girls who were a little older for this swap.

I really wish I could have taken pictures as Emma was opening her box...however I wasn't at home when she dug into it! Ha!  I asked her why she didn't wait and her response was, "Well mom, it was addressed to me and I was just SO excited!" =)

Gabbie did an awesome job picking out stuff for Emma =)

Look at all the FUN summer stuff!!

A new Hello water bottle
A Hello clear bag
Super cute pineapple scarf
New Shades
2 bottles of fun summery shades of nail polish
A bottle of hand sanitizer
and a Wet Brush
They were even sweet enough to add a little canvas to paint for Miss Alyx =)

Thank you both Gabbie and Dara!  You guys rocked this swap!!
I'm so glad we participated in this.  

If you participated in this swap, be sure to link up below!  And also be sure to check out what everyone else received =)
Have a great day!

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