Tuesday Talk

Hey Friends =)  Today is one of those days...

It may only be Tuesday, but I feel like it should be at least Thursday! Ha!  
Emma hasn't been feeling well the last few days.  Just a nasty cold, but she has been coughing like crazy.  And Alyx.  Alyx the last couple of weeks has just been absolutely crazy.  I'm not sure where my sweet little girl has gone, but she is a terror lately! haha  She's pretty much given up on naps (except on days when she is at daycare) but still thinks she needs to stay up late.  So the evenings trying to get her to bed have not exactly been fun.  Hopefully this is just a phase she is going through.  

Emma has her State competition swim meet in two weeks!  She is so nervous about it.  She hasn't really been too nervous for any swim meets, but this is a big one.  

She's been practicing like crazy.  She's in lane 2 swimming the freestyle in the picture.  While she's at practice usually you can find Alyx and I on the bleachers playing around with Snapchat =)

Some of these filters you guys have me laughing out loud!  They are hysterical!!!
Oh, and speaking of Emma.  She was asked to be a part of the States Elementary Honors Chorus =)  I am so excited and proud of her.  She loves loves singing and this is such a great opportunity for her.  She was chosen by her schools music teacher.  They will have a big performance in May, and I am very excited to watch her sing with other kids from all over the state =)

I hope you all have a great Tuesday....I'll be over here chugging all the coffee I can find today ;)
See you back here tomorrow!

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