Happy Thursday!  We are slowly...very slowly starting to dig ourselves out of the crazy amount of snow we got here the last couple of days!
Here is your warning...this is a very picture heavy post ;)

Monday was insane here.  The snow just never let up all day long and the wind was absolutely nuts.  Brian tried to keep up with the snow in our driveway the best he could, but it just wasn't worth it.  The girls went out with Brian at one point to play in the snow, but the wind was far to crazy and it was so cold.

When I opened my back door, this is what I was met with.  The dog didn't even want to go outside!

There is a car under there...

This was our street.  You can even find the road!

The girls certainly didn't stay outside very long that's for sure!!
 We came inside and had hot cocoa.

Alyx was a big fan of the hot cocoa...ok...maybe more a fan of the marshmallows ;)

The next day we had SOOO much snow to clean up.  As of Wednesday evening our street had barely been plowed out.  

Our street is normally wide enough for 2 cars to go down, but as you can see...only one is able to fit right now.  

And there is the snow! 

The girls had a blast playing in the snow Tuesday because it was much warmer out and snow wasn't hitting them in the face.

Alyx had a ton of fun sliding down the snowbanks with Emma.  They both laughed and giggled so hard!  Alyx also loved shoveling the snow =)

And unfortunately the snow just isn't stopping.  Between last night and today we are expected to get another foot of snow.  Sigh.  Is spring here yet?!?! ha!  
Emma had 2 snow days from school this week, and unfortunately for every snow day she has, it has to be made up at the end of the school year.  So at this rate the kids will be going to school until July! 
We're hoping for a snow free weekend!!
I hope you all have a great Thursday!!

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