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Hello!  Happy Monday!  Normally I recap our weekend on Monday mornings, but since I worked all weekend there really isn't much fun to recap at all. 
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Last week Emma was on February break from school.  We always have a week off from school up here in February.  I think it's because we go so late into June for school here.  So Thursday we packed up and bright and early headed to the coast of Maine.  My in-laws had their week at their timeshare, and we were able to spend some time there.  

Emma looks up to her big cousin Hannah like Crazy!  She loves her to pieces.  It's kind of fun to have an older cool cousin ;)

We hung around the condo for a few hours and then we went to the ocean.  It was sooo chilly, but beautiful.

This was about as close to the water Alyx would get.  She and Hannah were picking shells...but really Alyx was just picking rocks! ha!

This place is so much prettier when it's not so foggy.

Alyx and Kaden.  They are best buds!

Brian found some sea glass for us =)

After the ocean, we headed back to the condo to go swimming.  And guess who left their bathing suit back home?  Pick me!  Whoops!  The girls still had a blast swimming though.

 Alyx was pretty leery about jumping off the side..but she eventually did it =)
We ended up leaving Emma there to stay a few days.  She came home yesterday with my inlaws.  She had so much fun spending time with her cousins.  They played lots of games and watched lots of movies.  Plus went back to the ocean and also went swimming at least twice a day.  
And now February break is over and it was back to school this morning.  Emma has a busy week ahead of her between school and swim practice.  She has her big State Swim Meet this weekend, and she is beyond nervous for it.  I'm sure she will do fine though =)

I hope you all have a great Monday!
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