Trick-or-Treat {2016}

Happy Tuesday my Friends!  Is anyone else dragging as bad as I am this morning?!  We had such a great night last night trick-or-treating!  But I have to say, I am glad that it's only once a year.  I worked until 4pm, and getting home and getting both girls ready to head out was hectic.  But it was worth it because they looked pretty cute ;)

Emma was a purple crayon and Alyx was Raggedy Ann =)  They both looked so cute!!

Alyx couldn't wait to get dressed up!  When I got her makeup done she looked at herself in the mirror and just kept smiling =)  

I dressed up a little bit as a cat with the girls, but a friend of mine picked up my cat ears and when we took the picture I didn't have them yet =)  Alyx thought it was great that I dressed up a little.  When we went to a neighbors house and she told our neighbor that Emma was a crayon, she was Raggedy Ann, I was a cat and then said "And Daddy, well Daddy is Daddy."  We laughed so hard =)  
The only thing about living in Maine, you have to dress really really warm when trick-or-treating.  Emma had a fleece coat on under her costume, and after this picture, we had to put Alyx's coat on under hers too.

We met some friends and then off we went trick-or-treating =)

Alyx was SO excited!!!  She literally ran up to the houses!  

I had to tell her to wait for Emma and her friends before knocking.  Haha =)  She would knock on the door, say "trick-or-treat, I'm Raggedy Ann!"  She seriously had us laughing all evening!

And our last stop was getting candy from our officers.  They had their police cruisers set up on the street handing out candy.  Alyx didn't want to get in the picture =)

The girls got far too much candy, but were both in bed by 8pm which was nice.  They were exhausted from all the walking around. 

I hope you all had a great Halloween!!

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