Life Lately.

Happy Thursday Friends!!  This week is killing me.  Between Halloween on a school night, and the World Series games, I need like a week long nap ;) Ha!  Thankfully Halloween is behind us, and the Cubs won the World Series so now I am able to go to bed at a decent time =)  

I was so glad to see the Cubs take it, but I am sure hoping next year it's the Red Sox we're watching in the World Series =)

Yesterday Alyx and I had a pretty lazy day.  We stayed in pj's almost 1/2 the day and even ran through the Starbucks drive-thru in pj's ;)

I had my first Peppermint Mocha of the Holiday season and it was delish!!

We did manage to shower and get dressed before picking Emma up from school.

At Alyx's birthday party last Sunday she got so many new cute clothes, and this outfit is one of them.  Super cute!!

We got Emma from school at 3:30.  Every Wednesday she does the biking club.  She was exhausted when I picked her up.

I picked up a snack for her because we had to head directly to swim team practice.

She's doing really well!  She has competed in any meets yet, but maybe in a couple of weeks.  They usually have a meet every weekend.  It will keep us busy for sure =)

So question for all of you.  Do any of you have the Apple watch?  I've been looking at them, and what I have seen I think I like.  Do you have one?  Do you like it?  Or what don't you like about it?  And what size do you have?  I'm thinking of the Series 1.  The Series 2 is great and all, but the price tag is just a bit much.  Any advice is great!!  

Have a great Thursday! 
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  1. OMG I am still freaking out about the Cubs! I need sleep so bad but of course there's no time for that, ha ha. Our neighborhood was setting off quarter sticks of dynamite last night and that kept our dog freaking out until 3am. It's all worth it though!!

    Alyx looks adorable in that outfit!!

  2. Alyx is TOO CUTE in that outfit!! Love it!! I just got my Apple Watch and so far really do like it. I have series 1, series 2 didn't offer many more advantages to me for cost. I got the 35 and it is plenty large - I cannot imagine the 42, it would be huge!! I initially got the rose gold, but took it back for just the gold. The rose gold was a little too pink for me. I like it most for texts while driving and tracking my activity, but not a ton you can do with other apps.

  3. I love the look of the starbucks cups! My kids do a running club at school - they would love to have a biking club!

  4. Nothing wrecks havoc on sleep like October baseball! That outfit IS so cute! I'd totally wear it :P. You are staying busy for sure. I hope y'all have an awesome weekend.

  5. This week has thrown me all off too. I can't seem to catch up!! Mix and match mama did an Apple Watch review awhile back. Did you read it?? It seemed pretty informative, but I don't have one so I have no other advice!!