hello Monday

Happy Monday Friends!!  I hope you all had a great weekend.  Ours was pretty low key, since it was both my and Brian's weekend to work.  Can you believe this is Thanksgiving week?!?  Wow did that sneak up on us f-a-s-t!!  We have such a crazy busy week and since I realized this weekend that I never shared Alyx's 3rd Birthday, I figured I would do that today =)

A couple of weeks ago our little peanut turned 3 years old.  I still don't even know where the time has gone.  It's crazy.  

This was the first time Alyx has ever been excited about gifts.  Like she was sooo excited!  The pictures will for sure tell =)

Every single gift she opened she got sooooo giddy and screamed with excitement!
It was way too cute =)

She really enjoyed getting into the gifts that were wrapped. She LOVED tearing the paper open =)

When I asked her what she wanted for a party, she kept saying a blue cake.  So a small Finding Dory party it became =)

And of course she loved the cake and it was blue!
So that was good in her book =)

I don't think that smile could get any bigger if she tried!

She became really sober when we were singing Happy Birthday to her.  She would move, smile or laugh.  But she was find when we stopped.

She had a great 3rd Birthday.  It was small and just family but it was perfect!!  Happy Birthday again sweet Alyx =)

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  1. Oh my goodness...her facial expressions are cracking me up! I love it!!
    Ella's face would have looked just like that if she would have gotten corndogs! They are her FAVORITE! HA
    Alyx is precious! Happy Monday!

  2. Haha! Those faces, so stinking cute. Christmas is going to be so much fun with this one.

  3. LOVE IT! What a happy birthday girl and how delighted was she? Being that my little guy is now 4 I will miss these sweet days so much when they are gone. I know you feel the same!

  4. Ahhhh those pictures of Alyx are pure joy!! That is what it's all about right there my friend!

  5. She is too cute! I love her excitement! I can't wait to see her reaction to Disney World!! :)

  6. That girl loved her day! You can tell with those facial expressions. She is going to die when she walks into Disney.

  7. Alyx is just about the CUTEST thing ever! What a perfect way to celebrate your precious 3 year old girl! Hope you have a wonderful day friend! :)