Friday Favorites

Hello Friends!  And Happy Friday!!  
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After some very unfortunate events that took place this past week over basketball, Emma is sadly not playing this year.  All the details I'll spare you of but I will say I can't believe how cruel adults can be to 10 year olds.  My heart broke this week for Emma, and this mama bear came out.  In the end she's not playing basketball but thankfully she decided she is giving the swim team a try and I can't begin to tell you all how much she loves it!  

She's been on the team a week, and has already advanced to the next level.  I am very excited to watch her progress and compete this season =)

I am finally getting in a groove of different school lunches for Emma. And I absolutely love these lunchbox containers.

You can find the containers HERE.  I highly recommend them.
 Alyx and I had errands to run the other day, and she wanted a picture with our pumpkins before we left =)

Such a goofy grin! =)

On our way home from running errands I couldn't help but admire the changing colors on the trees.

Such a beautiful time of the year for sure =)

Emma's 5th Grade photos came in and I love how they came out!!

They gave us a CD with the picture and all sorts of backgrounds, and this one was my favorite =)
She is growing up all too fast!

We have no plans for this weekend since it's our weekend to work, but we will make the best of it!  I hope you all have a great Friday and amazing weekend!!  See you back here on Monday.  Linkup with my hello Monday if you wish =)

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  1. What a bummer about basketball, but I am so glad that swimming is working out for her. That chicken pot pie looks amazing. Have a great weekend!

  2. I LOVE the beautiful leaves you have! Ours are just starting to change - hoping we get some of that beauty!! I am so sad that you have 10 year old basketball drama! I can't even imagine what would be so bad and hard about enjoying ball with 10 year olds - but glad Emma is able to swim and enjoy it!

  3. THOSE LEAVES!!! HOW!?! AMAZING!!! Your poor sweet girl.. I'm not looking forward to the "politics" of interacting with other parents when my little boy grows bigger.. ugh!

  4. Oh no about basketball! So glad swimming is going well though. What a gorgeous leaf picture!

  5. I love those lunch containers, too!! I actually pack all my lunches for the week on Sunday. Makes things so very easy. Hope you are having a wonderful weekend!

  6. I am glad Mama Bear showed up because I had when people are unfair to little ones when it's something fun they enjoy (like being a member of a sports team!)

  7. Good job mama bear. I am sorry that it all went down but I LOVE that you didn't shy away from taking care of things. I LOVE her photo too!

  8. I am so sorry Emma had to experience evil adults! But so thankful she has you as a mama to protect her!!! Love her 5th grade hair cut!!
    I just want to squeeze Alyx she is so dang cute!!
    Those leaves....oh my goodness! Just beautiful!

  9. So sorry to hear basketball did pan out. But swim team is so much fun! I swam for years and loved it. I hope Emma continues to enjoy it as her season continues!
    Look at Alxy and her little pumpkin. So cute.
    I am SO jealous of your changing leaves! It looks GORGEOUS there!
    Emma's school photos are great! She is such a pretty little lady.