Friday Favorites

Hi Friends =)  Happy Happy Fridayyyy!  I'm linking up as always today with Narci, Andrea and Erika for Friday Favorites!

This week has been filled with swim.  Some more swim, and add in some more swim in there.

I'm so thankful that practice is early enough that we are home at 5:00 and have the rest of the evening to get stuff down around the house.  And Emma is absolute *loving* this new sport =)

One day this week Brian and I took Alyx out to lunch with us.  One of her favorite places is Chilis.  

This girl can't get enough of chips & salsa!  Loves them!

Today is Superhero day at Emma's school.  When I asked her what she wanted to dress up like she asked if a police officer was considered a superhero.  And I told her of course it is!!

I found an old shirt of Brian's and we made it work.  I went to the Dollar Tree and found plastic handcuffs and a badge.  It came out pretty good =)

The leaves are starting to drop off the trees here.  And they were really pretty yesterday when I went out for a walk with Alyx.

I'm soaking it all in because soon it will be snow.

It was red ribbon week at school, and Tuesday was pajama day.  

I wish we had pajama day at work!  Emma said she was super comfy all day at school =)

It's our weekend off from work, and we don't have a ton of plans.  Which is awesome!!  Emma and Brian are going to camp this afternoon for the night and will be back tomorrow at some point.  Alyx and I are planning on having dinner out tonight and then home to watch a movie.  I hope you all haev a great Friday and an awesome weekend!!

I will be back on Monday, and be sure to grab my graphic and linkup!

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  1. I am so happy Emma is loving swimming!! It is such a wonderful sport and in great form of exercise! Can you believe-I have never had chips and salsa from Chili's? I have heard from so many people they are so good… I need to get there to try them!! Hope you have a great day and a wonderful weekend friend! :)

  2. How fun of a week! We have so many similarities...swim, yes. My kid is having Superhero Day at school today, yes (its her spirit week kick off, yeah on a Friday?) I hope your weekend is filled with relaxation! xo Amanda

  3. Emma's police outfit turned out so good! I wish my kids liked chips and salsa, they probably would if they would just try it! LOL

  4. Love that Emma wanted to be a police officer. And her outfit turned out great!!

  5. We had super hero day too and Simon was a policeman!

  6. Enjoy you weekend off! Pajama day is always one of my favorite days of the school year :) Luckily we have two at my school. Also, I have been loving all the fall colors too. Have a great weekend full of family!

  7. I love that she loves chips and salsa, reminds me of my oldest who has always been a fan. She even ate spicy chili when she was 2 lol. That police costume is super cute too!