Wednesday Snow

Happy Wednesday Friends!  It's snowing again here, imagine that right?  I can't get over the amount of snow we have this winter.  It's crazy!  I just went outside and took a picture looking out from our front porch.  The snow is half way up our tree now!

Craziness!  It's been a hard winter to keep up with it too.  And the ice that has come along with it?  Ugh.  

Brian got most of it off, but our poor front hedges have taken a beating from the ice this winter.  I have a feeling we will have to take them all down this spring.  

This morning Gunner was laying on the couch, and Alyx kept saying "Up Up".

They sure do love each other!! =)

So backing up a few days ago.  We finally brought Alyx outside to "play" in the snow.  She didn't really care for it too much.  We pulled her around in the sled and then she got up on the snowbank with Emma.  Needless to say she was happy to get back inside after=)

Emma loves playing in the snow.  Like seriously loves it!  She always comes in after and asks for Hot Cocoa with fluff.  

That's it for today!  I think we are going to be snowed in today until it's time to get Miss Emma from school =)


  1. Holy smokes!!!! That's alot of snow!!!! I can't imagine. WOW. You would laugh at our 1 inch. lol

  2. More snow? How is that even possible?!
    I love the first pic of Alyx in the snow. You can tell it's not really her thing. HA!
    I really hope you get a good thawing soon!

  3. That snow is baffling to me! We got about 4 inches the other day and our corner of the world SHUT DOWN, ha!

  4. Brrr!!!! Those pictures make me shiver! :) I bet you can't wait for spring!!

  5. I have to admit I'm incredibly jealous of the snow everyone is getting. Here in Oregon we don't get much snow :( at least not the part I live in. I love the photos of your girls outside. So adorable