A Visit

It's Wednesday Friends!  Hump day I guess =)  I bet you will never guess this, but we're in store for more snow again tonight into tomorrow and then again on Sunday.  I'm totally convinced that we will have snow for the 4th of July this year! hehe

Emma is on school vacation this week, and Brian and I were off on Monday and Tuesday.  Our 2 days off were completely jam packed.  Monday we loaded up and headed to my parents house for the night.  Tuesday morning we woke up bright and early to go and visit my grandmother.  I'm not sure i've mentioned it on here, but my grandmother, or Gucky as I call her, has been ill.  She lives in the same state as us, but unfortunately she lives almost 4 hours from where Brian and I live.  So to get up there to visit isn't all that easy.  She's in a nursing home now, and has only been there for a few days now.  So, we woke up bright and early as I said and got ready to head out!

Alyx was already awake and dressed, and we went into my parents room to wake up Emma.  She loves being woken up by Alyx =)

In the car packed and ready to go.  But of course we had to stop at Dunkin Donuts for coffee, hot cocoa, and doughnuts first =)

The drive there is long.  And I mean long.  About an hour on the interstate and then the rest is back roads.  She lives basically right on the Canadian border.

It was definitely a beautiful day for a drive.

As we got closer I got this message on my phone...

So needless to say I turned my data off when I got this message! haha

I can't even begin to tell you all how excited my grandmother was to see us.  Especially the girls.  We definitely made her day!!  We stayed for a few hours visiting with her, and enjoying each others company.  Before going to the nursing home she was living alone in an apartment.  I think the nursing home is good for her because she has interaction with some other people.  The nursing staff there was great.  

When we left it was definitely emotional for me.  She's the only grandparent I have left, and I really hate that she is so far away from us.  I wish she were closer so I could visit with her daily or every other day.  She's 340 miles round trip from us.  She's doing ok.  My dad is heading back up there today to spend a few more days with her.  She has a bunch of dr's appointments this week and i'm hoping she gets some good news at them.  I have so many memories growing up with her, and when we left she reminded me of a few.  Lots of tears were shed on the way home.  But I know she is in a good place and getting good care.  And have I mentioned that she is 95 years old?!?  She doesn't look it I don't think.  She's a strong woman, and I love her ohhh so much!!!  <3

On the way back, Emma stayed with my parents.  Since it's school vacation week, she is going to stay with them for a couple of days.  I'm sure my mom will have a bunch of fun things planned for her!

And we had to take a family selfie minus Emma.

And Alyx slept most of the way home!

Hope you all have a great Wednesday!!!


  1. I swear that top picture is so great! I'm glad you had a great visit with her. I'm sure you made her day/week/month!

  2. I love the first picture of the two girls... and Alyx sleeping on the way home is precious. How nice that Emma gets to spend a couple days with your parents. I am so sorry that your grandma isn't doing well. That is tough! She looks so sweet... definitely wouldn't have guessed she is 95!

  3. It's so hard to watch grandparents age. I'm glad you were able to spend some time with your grandma.

  4. How great you were able to make your grandmother's day, and spend some time with her. Those are certainly memories she is sure to cherish - especially with the girls visiting, too.
    And that last pic of Alyx sleeping? Precious.