Thursday & The Voice

Good Morning Friends!!  It's Thursday, getting close to the weekend...and the sun is shining here this morning!  Woohoo!!  I almost forgot what the sun looks like =)  Yesterday was a crazy day around here!  We made national news when there was a 60 car pile up on the interstate.  Crazy stuff...and thankfully nobody in that entire crash was severely injured.  I was looking around on facebook last night at pictures that people posted of the accident, and it's a miracle that every person walked away from that crash.  Let's hope we are on the tail end of that kind of weather now!!

Yesterday was a super lazy day around here.  Brian brought Emma to school, and what should have been a 10 minute trip took them well over 30 minutes because of an accident.  Alyx and I hung out yesterday here at home, doing a whole lot of nothing.  Well, she did a whole lot of playing and I did a whole lot of cleaning.  It's so much easier to get their room picked up and cleaned out when Emma is at school =)  So our new thing is to stick Alyx in her crib with a bunch of toys of Emma's, and it keeps her entertained for quite a while!

We also took a nap.

I could stare at that little face for hours and hours =)

We had lunch.

Tuna sandwiches have become a hit around here =)
Did I also mention that we stayed in pj's all day??  Yup, all day.  Both me and her.

Emma went out for dinner last night for Pizza with my niece and brother in law.  So Brian and I ordered Thai Takeout.  So I did actually put some clothes on to run to pick it up.  

I had the chicken pad thai, which was so good!  Brian had Drunken Noodles, which I was a little skeptical off, but they were actually really good.  If you like spicy food that is =)

Last night I got all caught up on The Voice.  I think it's going to be a great season!!  Emma and I love watching it together, and we both have the same favorite so far =)

He's very Michael Bublé-ish.  And Emma and I love us some Michael Bublé =)

Have you been watching?  If so, do you have a favorite yet?  

This morning I *finally* took Alyx's new stroller out of the box.  The one we bought to bring to Florida with us.  The thing is amazing, and I think she is going to be really comfortable sitting in it.  It fully reclines, so perfect for naps at the park!  I put her in it this morning and she had a complete meltdown when I took her out.  She kept going into the kitchen and pointing at it and crying! haha  So we are taking a trip to the mall later this afternoon so she can "try" it out =)

Enjoy your day everyone!


  1. Love the Voice so much! With all these snowstorms, we keep having pajama days over here. Not to mention I'm 9 months pregnant and nothing but my sweatpants fit!

  2. Pajama days for two weeks straight here!! It's really helped my laundry pile!

  3. Scott and I are huge Voice fans! We aren't totally caught up, but can't wait to watch the rest of this week, tonight.
    YAY for pjs all day! I love it when we don't have to get dressed to go anywhere. :)