I have a voice? And a tongue?!?!

We're finding our voice!  Alyx that is =)  She babbles all the time now, and I just love hearing her little voice, especially when i'm in another room and I can hear her telling stories to herself =) 
I took this video of her yesterday, and she had us laughing hysterically!  She has found her tongue, and she thinks it's just the best thing in the world right now.  After she started this yesterday, she hasn't stopped!  She's pretty cute =)
It's Friday!!  And my weekend off.  We have a pretty busy weekend ahead of us.  Saturday we have a benefit dinner to go to, which is going to be a good time, but also an emotional time too.  Emma is excited because Alyx's godmother is going to babysit them!  Sunday we are having our pictures done again.  I'm still stressed out about outfits.  I have a couple in mind for Emma.  A couple in mind for Alyx.  Mine i'm still kinda torn on, and well Brian....I have no idea.  I'm stressing over that just a teeny tiny bit! lol  It will all come together i'm sure.
I'll share a couple of pictures from the last couple of days.
Emma went back to school on Wednesday after being out Monday and Tuesday from her sickness.  She was pretty excited to get back to see her friends.
Alyx and I took a nap together the other day, and she always wakes up such a happy baby!  Excuse my extremely tired look! haha

Apperantly eating rice cereal is just absolutely exhausting!  She couldn't take it and fell asleep while eating =) 
And really how much more snow can we take?  This was yesterday after leaving work and the roads were terrible!  I think we got about 20 inches of snow.  Spring...Where in the world are you??? 
Happy Friday all!!


  1. That picture of you and together is the cutest thing I've ever seen---she's got the selfie thing down! :-)

  2. Alxy trying to talk through her tongue is so cute!! HA!!
    Love those leggings of Emma's.
    And, really, more snow?!!!

  3. I love all the pictures except the snow. They are calling for another stinking story this weekend! Geesh!

  4. hope you are enjoying your wknd off and I can't wait to see the pictures! I'm sure they turned out great! Sleeping in the bumbo seat - too cute!!!

  5. Ah... her little tongue... too cute!