Alyx Grace * 4 Months Old *

I can't believe I am doing Alyx's 4 month post.  She is growing up too fast for my liking!!  It's fun seeing how much she has grown from month to month though =)
We had her 4 month well child check the other day, and she is growing right on track! 
Sleeping:  Great sleeper still!  I put her to bed around 8:00, and she sleeps through the night until around 7:00 am.
Eating:  We've moved onto a little bit of solids!!  Just some rice cereal for right now.  I'm hoping in the next week or so to start with some veggies.  I cannot wait to start making my own baby food.  I didn't do this with Emma, but i'm all about it with Alyx!
She loves the rice cereal!  I can't wait to try some new food with her, i'm sure she'll love those too!
Clothing:  She is wearing 3 months still, but she's long!  So I have put her in some 3-6 month clothing just for the length.  She is currently wearing a size 1 diaper, but i'm about to change it to a size 2.
Weight: 12 pound 8 ozs!  She's a growing girl!
Hair: She still has a tint of red to it, but it's darkened up some
Eyes: Still blue as blue can be!
Alyx still loves her baths.  Loves her playmat, and LOVES her exersaucer!!  She will fall asleep almost immediately after putting her into her carseat.  She's an excellent shopping buddy! 
She's such a happy baby and so easy going.  Starting to get super interested in the dog and cats.  More so the dog.  She looks at him with such big eyes and tries to grab for him =)
Happy 4 months Miss Alyx!!