Birthdays all around!

My sister-in-law *finally* had her baby on Tuesday!!  And Tuesday was also my Birthday =)  So my very first nephew and I get to share a birthday!  I joked with my brother in law and said, well apperantly it's not all about me anymore huh?  hehe =)  I couldn't be more excited to share my birthday with this little man!  He's a keeper that's for sure!
Meet Kaden.  He's 1 day old in this picture, and he's pretty darn cute I think ;)
Their family is now complete!  They finally got their boy!!  My nieces were so excited to have a brother =)
And there is my pork chop next to the little peanut! Haha  She looks gigantic compared to Kaden!
We were pretty busy on Tuesday, we spent pretty much the whole day at the hospital waiting for his arrival.  I knew we wouldn't be able to go out for dinner on Tuesday, so Brian and Emma took me out Monday night.  We went to my favorite restaurant, The Green Tea. 
Dinner was ah-mazing!  Brian got me a Camcorder for my birthday.  So now I can record the girls all the time!  Emma has already wanted to put on a Frozen concert for me! haha =) 
Yesterday was my niece Hannah's birthday.  She was soooo glad that her baby brother was born the day before her birthday! hehe =)  I still cannot believe she was 11 years old yesterday!
It's Thursday, and i'm sooo ready for the weekend.  Saturday we are celebrating Brians birthday!  So yeah, Birthday's all around!!! =)


  1. SO exciting for your family! He's precious

  2. I love the picture of the babes together! :-) Alyx was that small not too long ago!

    1. Oops… this is Bri… apparently I am logged into Joe's email, haha!

  3. Happy birthday to you (again :oP), my dear! How very special to share your birthday with your new nephew. My mom shares her birthday with her first born--me so I know how awesome it is to share your day! :o)
    We're coming up on our big rush of birthdays. In the first two weeks of April we have 4 birthdays. Plus one was today. It's funny how birthdays seem to clump together. Happy birthdays all around! :o)