Nemo...Go Away!

Well....the storm found us!!  And it brought us a TON of snow!  And with it came a lot of wind.  It's actually still snowing here still.  I was really raelly happy that we never lost power.  This morning I quickly got the laundry I needed done and cooked my dinner to bring to work incase we did lose the power.  But thankfully we never did =)   We were super lazy today.  Emma stayed in her pajamas until about 3:00 today.  When Brian and I went out to do some shoveling, I asked her if she wanted to go out with us and play a little in the snow.  She said no.  And I really can't say I blame her, it was way windy.  Here some pictures of our "Nemo" storm! HA!

Our dog was NOT impressed at all with the amount of snow we got.  At one point I let him out and he just stood at the door staring at me.  He looked so pathetic. Haha

Emma and I watched Alice in Wonderland this morning.  She had never seen it and it had been years since I have seen it.  She liked it a lot!  And then she read me a couple of books.  She is doing soooo good with her reading and she just loves to read!  One of her favorite books right now is the Block Mess Monster.  She got it for Christmas a couple of years ago.  I have to say it's not exactly my favorite book!  But she will read it over and over again. 

And since it was so yucky and cold out, I decided to take advantage of the Gap sale going on right now.  30% off, plus I had a $10 coupon to use!  And I have been eyeing this outfit for a while now for Emma. 

Gap Summer

Gap  by sirois-family on Polyvore

I just love it!  And I have to thank Shawna at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun for now getting me hooked on Polyvore!! =)  It's a website where you can put outfits together.  I just might be addicted now =)

Hopefully the rest of everyones weekend is great!! =)