No, i'm not talking about the movie Finding Nemo, i'm talking about the Snowmagedon that they've named Nemo.  I'm not sure when we started naming snow storms.  Yeah I get the naming of hurricanes, but snow storms?  I saw this picture on facebook this morning and I have to say it definately made me laugh!

I'll be anxious to see just exactly how much snow we get.  The news says we could get anywhere from 12-24 inches of snow.  Ugghhh.  I'm more than ready for spring!!! haha
Anyway...i'm behind on the blog.  I'm going to try and blog more, but lately we've just been super busy.  Last Sunday when we headed to Southwest Harbor to check out the time share stuff, we stopped so I could take a couple of pictures at one of my favorite places here in Maine. 
This place is so pretty during every single season!  Love it!!
Emma coloring in the car on our way there =)
Today we really didn't do a whole lot.  I picked Emma up from school, we watched some Disney and made hot chocolate =)
We had gymnastics tonight.  I thought for sure they would cancel it because of the snow, but they didn't!  And there were hardly any kids there tonight.  Which was kind of nice, more one on one time for the kids =)

I didn't bring my camera with me tonight.  Fridays are usually really busy there, and I kinda feel like carrying around my gigantic camera!  So these pictures are from the other day when I brought my camera for her private lesson.
She is still doing really well!  Next week is her last week for this session.  We'll find out if she stays in the class she is in, or if she moves on to the next level! =)
So i've been having a really really hard time finding a dress for Emma for the Father/Daughter Valentines dance.  I think i'm just being way too picky.  Brian and I went out yesterday to find one and had no luck with it.  We checked The Gap, Old Navy, The Childrens Place, Justice, JcPenney, Target & Kohls.  You would think after 7 stores I would have found something I like, but no.  So tonight I got online and found one on Ebay! I have ordered it and i'm *crossing* my fingers it will be here in time!  According to the shipping section it says it should be! 
Now that Emma is in bed sleeping, and Brian is working, it's time for me to get caught up on a weeks worth of tv shows that I have DVR'd!  Happy Friday!!


  1. Your snow pictures are so pretty. I cant imagine that much snow. We get a dusting here and everything shuts down, but then again, we are not equipped to handle it. Emma is sure a cutie pie and hope you get the dress in time for the dance. Stay warm and safe.

  2. ewwww...hope you don't get *too* much snow!

    Good job Emma on gymnastics!!

  3. I know this is a random place for a dress but SAMs club has some cute ones!

  4. Maine is one of the places my dad and I have *always* wanted to visit. Especially in the Fall. And, for the seafood! Your pictures reaffirm my desire to get that way one day.
    As for all that snow... No thank you!
    Naming snow storms blows my mind. When I was growing up we just referred to big snow storms as "the blizzard of '93," or whatever year had a particularly bad winter.
    Hope you stay safe and warm as Nemo finds you.