1st Day of 1st Grade!

Emma had her first day of 1st Grade today!!!  I put her to bed last night around 7:45, and suprisingly she went to sleep very quickly.  I got all her stuff ready for her, and then I sat down and watched the movie "The Lucky One".  Super good movie!  Anwyay, while I was watching the movie I heard little footsteps coming down the hallway.  And it was Emma.  She told me she was a little bit nervous for school.  I cuddled her up and she fell back asleep.  Brian worked last night, so when I ended up going to bed, I let Emma sleep with me =)

This morning Emma woke up and looked at me.  She didn't say anything right away and then looks at me and yells, "IT'S TIME FOR SCHOOL!!"  I was so glad she was excited =)

Only thing she wanted for breakfast was Eggs, no toast or anything.  Just eggs.  So while I helped her shower and get ready Brian made her eggs.  Then it was time to head out for school =)

In the parking lot at school waiting to head in!! =)

I am in LOVE with Emma's new Tom shoes =)  It's her first pair and they are sooo cute on her!  And she loves them too!

So all in all Emma had a great day back to school and she is excited to go back tomorrow!  She also started up with gymnastics again this afternoon.  This was the first gymnastics class I wasn't able to go to.  Darn work getting in the way!! =) 


  1. Awe look how cute her outfit is! Loving her TOMS. I want to get some for the girls. Glad she had a good 1st day!

  2. Super cute! Love her shirt and shoes :-) Glad she had a good first day!

  3. She looked so adorable! Love her shirt!

  4. Love her first day pics and her shirt! Too cute!