When life gves you lemons, Make lemonade!

The other day we went out to find a few yard sales.  There is a town a few miles away from us that does a huge town wide yard sale every year, and I wanted to hit those up!  And boy did I get some good buys!  One sale we went to I got Emma 2 movies Cars & The American girl doll movie Kit Kittredge.  $2.00 a piece for them and they were brand new!  I also let Emma pick out a bunch of books too.  She's so into reading now which is awesome =)  They also had a TON of gap clothes for sale.  But everything was about 3 sizes too big for Emma right now, so I held off on those.  The next place we went I got an awesome bench made out of moosehead maple.  I am in LOVE with it!  Moosehead is a brand of wood products that are made here in Maine, but brand new are super super expensive.  I scored the bench for $20 bucks!  The last place we went is where I got my most favorite thing ever!  We pulled up in front of this house and outside the house was a lemonade stand.  I wasn't sure at first if it was for sale or if they had kids there selling lemonade.  But it was For Sale!!! =)  So we bought it and loaded it up!  Emma has been excited all weekend to have a lemonade stand.  So today at noon we went out on the front lawn and set up her stand =)

Don't you just love Emma's shirt?  She loves to have shits with either her name on it or with just an E.  I ordered this shirt from Shawna over at Girls Just Wanna Have Fun.  She has some great stuff!  Here is her etsy site:

Her shop is currently closed, but she will be opening it again soon!  Definitely check her out =)

We had sooo much fun with this!  Emma was out selling from 12:00 to 2:00 today, she charged 25 cents a cup and she ended up making $9.25!  She was super excited about that!  We had all kinds of people stopping for Lemonade.  It was a good way to spend a couple of hours on Fathers Day =) 


  1. That lemonade stand is so cute!!!! And those sunglasses looks adorable with her polkadot shirt hehe.

    1. I know! I totally meant to give you credit for the shirt and forgot =) I'll have to edit my post =) Hope you are enjoying your vacation!!! =)

  2. SO fun! Love her little stand! I remember as a child having so much fun selling lemonade on the side of the road! Brings back memories!