We had our first day of Gymnastics today!!!  I was quite nervous about this, because, when we signed Emma up for soccer last fall she kinda freaked out when we got there and refused to participate.  She was way too nervous and it just went down hill once we got there.  This time around I let her pick out what she wanted to do and she chose gymnastics.  We talked before getting there and she said how excited she was and that she would participate.  Let me tell you, she had an ABSOLUTE BLAST!!!!  I thought the first day would be a whole lot of doing nothing, but not at this place.  The very first thing they got into was the high bars.  I have never seen Emma have this much fun doing a sport.  She is going twice a week for on hour sessions.  Who knows, maybe someday she'll be an olympic gymnast =) 

The next class is Friday, and all ready Emma cannot wait!  We had a blast watching her and so proud of how great she did!!! =) 

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