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Well hello!  Long time no blog =) Ha!  I've been MIA from this little blogging world for almost 2 weeks other than one post I got up.  But I am really happy to report today that I am back!!  Link up with myself and Heather and share today whatever you would like =)

First of all, I want to thank all of you who may have checked in the last couple of weeks with me.  I came down with influenza b along with strep throat and I was pretty miserable for a long time.  It didn't help that I was mis-diagnosed with having just "allergies".  I'm glad I didn't listen to that particular doctor and went back a few days later.  Now that my meds are finally kicking and working, I'm feeling a lot better =)  So thank you!!  This blogging community is really amazing at times =)

Today I am recapping our weekend.  We had a really really great weekend.  And I have lots of pictures to recap with =)

Friday after work it started with getting an iced coffee on my way home.  

I may have been a bit excited that the college kids in our community were graduating this weekend, so that meant them packing up and going home for a few months! haha =)

Friday evening we had a softball game!  You guys, we have had SO much rain that we haven't been able to play softball or even have practices, so we were stoked to finally have a game!

Emma up to bat.  

I mentioned it before, but Emma has decided that she really wants to pitch for the team.  She has had a lot of practice, and still has a lot of practice to do, but she's learning and getting it slowly.  

After the game we headed back to my inlaws since they kept Alyx for us.  It was so cold out for her to sit and watch the game. 

This year the girls are selling Candy bars for Softball fundraising.  I don't think she will have any problem selling them!

Saturday morning started again bright and early for more softball!

It was an absolutely beautiful morning, and we were glad to finally get back to our field!  With all the rain we've had, we haven't been able to use it.  But a lot of work has been done to it so its useable again =)
Emma was the starting pitcher on Saturday morning.  I was SO nervous watching her.  The catcher on our teams mom was sitting next to me and we were both a nervous wreck watching our girls!  ha!  It's the first year pitching for Emma, and first year catching for Paige.  They are learning to work really well with each other.

They are such a great group of girls.  They lost this game, but they were really good sports about it!

After softball, we headed to Home Depot to get some plants/flowers.

Alyx enjoyed pushing the cart around with my ferns in it =)

She's too funny!!

Yesterday was Mother's Day, and I hope all of you moms had a great day!!  Brian, his dad, and my brother in law spoiled us with a great brunch of Crepes and bacon.  They did everything from make it, to cleaning up.  We didn't have to lift a finger!

Brian is a great crepe maker!

My father in law did the bacon.

My brother in law made us Peach Bellini's and Mimosas.  They were delish!

Look at all those crepes!!!

This picture cracks me up!  Nick was chugging the champagne, my father in law was laughing, and Brian's looking at him like he's something special. Ha! =)

I hope you all had a great weekend as well. 

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