What's Up Wednesday

I had been doing so well at blogging at least every other day...and then time got away from me and it's been almost a week!  So let's do some recapping!

I have to say, I have never ever seen a kid that likes to color as much as Alyx.  Seriously, this kid could color all day long!  And the way she says "color", it's a riot!! 

When she is done with her picture she is always so proud of it too! =)

All ready for school on Monday!  I will be sooo sooo sooo glad when this yucky yucky snow is gone.  It's just gross to look at now.  And then Monday afternoon on my way to get Emma from school it started snowing AGAIN.

We are pretty much over it here in the Northeast. 

Back to Monday morning, Alyx was a sleepy head.  She never woke up until 8:30.  And then until 9:00 she just wanted to cuddle.  I could take a morning like that any day!

We are still soo looking forward to our Disney trip!  The girls matching shirts came in the mail on Monday.  I love them!!

I ordered them from TheMommaFish on Etsy.  I love her!  She has made sooo many shirts for the girls =)

Emma still LOVES changing the number on our Disney countdown each morning.  As of today we are down to 16 Days!!

Emma got into the Glee Club at school!  I think she will love it! =)

Emma and I made the best chocolate chip cookies the other night!  My mom found the recipe on Pinterest I believe.  It has sour cream in the ingredients, they were by far the best cookies we've ever made!


And lastly, I bought a new nail polish color yesterday and I think I really like it!  

This is my favorite brand (as i've mentioned before).  With a little one I really need a polish that is going to dry super duper fast.  And the Sally Hansen dries pretty much instantly! 

That's it for What's up Wednesday!  What are you all up to?


  1. yeah for cookie making!!! so fun! Actually all sorts of fun in this post - cuddles, Disney trips & coloring! Loved the recap!

  2. I have actually missed your posts this week, and I have been on top of posting for once, haha!!! You will have to share that cookie recipe!

  3. I cannot believe how much snow you have gotten this year. It's crazy! As much as I don't like the white stuff we could sure use some of the precip you've gotten!
    WOOHOO for Emma making Glee Club. I can't wait to hear how that goes for her.
    As for those chocolate chip cookies, please share the recipe if you have it! I'm always down to try a new recipe and see if it can rival the recipe Scott claims is the 'best ever.' :)